View Full Version : Nissan Headlight Restoration with some light sanding.

Daniel Kinder
Nov 9th, 2014, 11:23 AM
Headlight Restoration on a Nissan, Lenses doesn't look that bad but the center section had a rough textured film that had to be sanded to remove and be able to blend and bring clarity back to these lights. Tapped off, cleaned and ready for a little sanding and machine polishing.

Just thought I would show 1 of several means of my method's of restoring headlight lenses back to a clearer and safer driving condition. This is what's needed just for a light restoration on headlight lenses as was the case for this job. And as you seen they weren't in to bad of shape but I still had to use a 800 grit paper to help remove the rough textured film and 2 products along with 3 different pads just to bring the lenses back to new condition.

After sanding and the 1st application of M105, cutting disk and a little more then usually of product for lubricity, with several section passes of 2 applications of each process.

2nd application with a cleaner and also same technique to remove any haze or marring from the 1st application.

Tapped removed and just to show a close-up without tape. Looks much better!

Driver side sanded,polished and ready for 2 applications of headlight protection coating to be applied. Now time to repeat process to passenger side.

Both headlight lenses now back to new condition and the owner will have a safer and better time driving to see and most Important in the rainy days and nights, to be seen!!

My 2nd Headlight Restoration posted up and just showing my favorite 2 products that I have adapted over the last 5 years and found my technique that I'm happy with as well as my clients. Now these aren't perfect by any means but for the money and time invested in this package it's a better and most important reason Safer for seeing and being seen.

Thanks for looking!

Michael Stoops
Nov 10th, 2014, 10:57 AM
Ah, nothing like figuring out a technique that works for you and then perfecting it! How long would you say it takes you to do a set of lenses like this?

Daniel Kinder
Nov 16th, 2014, 07:53 PM
Ah, nothing like figuring out a technique that works for you and then perfecting it! How long would you say it takes you to do a set of lenses like this?
Sorry Michael just now seen this. About an hour, Going to get me a 3'' adaptor for my Rotary and see if that will speed things up a little! Always testing out ideal's and have 3 more headlight ready for more testing & techniques.

Have one right now I'm having to start with 220 grit on just to make any progress it's so bad. But starting to get rid of all the discoloration and can actually see the reflector. Been taking before pics and will post up good or bad outcome.

The Guz
Nov 16th, 2014, 08:41 PM
Nice job. As usual you do great work.

Daniel Kinder
Nov 17th, 2014, 07:59 AM
Thank you Guz, Appreciate that!