Updated video for Fiesta Movement + more
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Thread: Updated video for Fiesta Movement + more

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    Cool Updated video for Fiesta Movement + more

    Hey guys,

    As part of the Fiesta Movement I am going to be making short videos on random subjects from time to time. Mostly intended to give updates on the car, but since I don't have the car yet (April 20th!!) this one was more of a status update + sharing a story from my crazy day.

    Give it a view and let me know what you think (preferably on the comments/ratings on the video, but here works too).



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    Re: Updated video for Fiesta Movement + more

    Great Videos!!
    Sorry to Hear about your Dad!!
    Cannot wait to see more!!
    Hope he gets better.
    Nice House!!
    Have fun with your Fiesta!!
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