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Cleaner straight to wax

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  • Cleaner straight to wax

    Hi guys,

    Sorry for my ongoing noob questions.

    I've got a bottle of DC paint cleaner and didn't want to waste it so used it on my white car. Its actually pretty good. Removed the small tar spots, although not as efficiently as dedicated B&T remover. I did Clayed prior to this, but actually should have done it the other way around as the tar spots thrashed my clay bar...

    I followed this up with NXT 2 wax and it looks pretty glossy to me. As good as it gets for white paint i reckon. But i just realised i used a dedicated cleaner with a pure wax.. theres no polish in the whole process. Is this bad ? some poeple say that polish doesnt really do anything for lighter/white colours anyway.

    I also noticed that after a clean, clay and wax, the cleaned panel looked s tingedifferent hue of white than the undone panels. (or maybe i imagined it). Do you think its because the panel is cleaner ? or because its lost its polish hence a different hue..

    bugger, it may mean i have to now go back and polish then wax again...

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    Re: Cleaner straight to wax

    I think it is cleaner. Clay and cleaners are made to make that difference you are talking about.


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      Re: Cleaner straight to wax

      The polish is optional. No need to go back and re-do things, just add it in next time if you feel like it.

      Single stage paints, and older clear coat paints will benefit most. Or paints in a harsher environment.

      I am sure the QD spray, and the cleaner left some kind of oils behind, and certainly removed dirt, to help it look different. You may also want to do a Google search for "A Lesson from White Paint" by Mike Phillips.
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        Re: Cleaner straight to wax

        To go along with the link Murr suggested, I recently detailed my nieces white 2012 jetta and white cars are kinda boring to work with. Its hard to see the wax and/or polish on the car, it almost looks the same after the car wash compared to the wax job; but I still wanted to wax it so the paint would have a layer of protection.


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          Re: Cleaner straight to wax

          Originally posted by Car Potential View Post
          white cars are kinda boring to work with.

          I bought an 04 Grand Cherokee a few months ago. The paint was decent for the age but had major swirls up close. I spent 10 hours correcting it with Ultimate Compound on the PC. I'm glad I did it but there's nowhere near the WOW factor that I get correcting darker colors.

          On the other hand, the paint FEELS awesome. Love that when you set something on the hood and it slides off.
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            Thanks for the link. I read the article and it does make a good read. Kind disappointed with white.. But the car still looks good in white I think (small/mid size SUV,.so white makes it look a little bigger IMO). It's a shame i developed such and interesting in detailing after I got it! :-)

            The only significant noticeable difference I made was to bonnet (hood) as its the largest flattest sheet of metal so after waxing it really reflects.

            Like murr suggested in just gonna leave it till the next major detail to add some polish. In the meantime I have another carbon black car to work on *silly grin*. But that one is really bad with holograms so I've been waiting for my DA.


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              Re: Cleaner straight to wax

              Being a white car, polish may not be necessary. Dark colors will benefit most from using a pure polish. So cleaner straight to Wax is acceptable.


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                Reading back my own post, I notice my spelling and grammer is quite bad. I blame it on my predictive text..