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  • Clear Coat

    Hi everyone,

    I need some clear coat help please. I have a 2007 Honda Civic and it has scratches down to the primer on the door panels. I searched the internet to find out what kind of clear coat the Civic has. I am guessing that it is a soft clear coat. Does Honda use soft clear and if so, what clear is soft... urethane or acrylic?

    Also, my wife's 2008 Nissan Rogue got keyed really badly and I need to paint it with a paint gun. Nissan says that the Rogue uses a "Hard Clear Coat". Does that mean urethane or acrylic?

    Thanks for the help everyone!!!


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    Re: Clear Coat

    I'm not a painter, but I know for a fact that many different paint systems can be used to repair damage to any factory paint. Check your local body shop and you'll find one paint system is used for most repairs on most models/brands.

    I'd ask an experienced local painter for advice on what would work best for you. That includes what works best for spraying at home without an oven. The factory paint is applied by robots under clinically sterile conditions and baked.

    I doubt you can duplicate that process at home, so using original paint without factory application process may not be avery good idea.


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      Re: Clear Coat

      Just finished the repainting of my Porsche 911, did it in my own garage, conditios where not factory pleasing, but air, dust and humidity whre controlled, also fresh air during the spraying. Would I rcommend this to anyone else, maybe, if you are going to repaint scratches then in essence you will be blending the affected panel with the surrounding panels, even if you are just working on a scratch, and then applying clearcoat to the entire panel. Here is a website for more info, these guys are patient and they deal with questions like this all of the time. Let me know what the difference is between hard and soft clear is.

      Mike Smith

      autobodytoolmart. com


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        Re: Clear Coat

        Hi Meguiar's Online! I wondered if I could ask a question about Honda clearcoat as well...My Grandad has a 1995 Honda, and he insists the clearcaot "which I had to pay EXTRA FOR - he always makes sure to include that line ;-) - is still good, and when I wash his car for him, don't use any carwash at all - just wash with water? Frankly, I think he's crazy, the clearcoat would not matter on a car this old never re-painted...it's probably a goner by now - but he's 90 yrs old and insists it is still good? What's the 411 on clearcoat?
        BTW - It is that grey-blue honda color that does hide dirt well fortunately...:-)


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          Re: Clear Coat

          For small touchups, I think anything will work. You can get the little bottle from Walmart or Autozone - you will be blending it in anyway.
          A n00b detailer on shoe-string budget