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  • Freedom One

    Freedom One Detail Project
    "Freedom One" was the name given to the Boeing 707 that normally served as Air Force One to the President of the United States, but was used to retrieve the 52 American hostages following 444 days of captivity in Iran. Meguiar's was honored to sponsor a project spearheaded by Jose Fernandez of Superior Shine to restore this significant and historic aircraft to the honorable state she deserves. The plane is now on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, AZ.

    : Feb 9-13

    : Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, AZ

    SAM 86971 Freedom One, Air Force One, Air Force Two. Paint reconditioning and protecting. Aluminum polishing.

    Jose Fernandez leading and organizing a volunteer detail team with costs covered by sponsors (Ace Clearwater, AutoGeek, Meguiar’s, AMMO.)

    15 independent professional detailers and detail company representatives
    1. Jose Fernandez
    2. Jason Rose
    3. Kevin Brown
    4. Larry Kosilla
    5. Chris Jankowski
    6. Paul Sparks
    7. Anthony Alverado
    8. Marcus Godo
    9. Felix Nances
    10. Eric Harris
    11. Nicko Koutavas
    12. Greg Nichols
    13. Cougar Elfervig
    14. Scott Perkin
    15. Tommy Salazar
    16. Russ Brownfield
    17. Bradley Otellio
    18. Miguel Robles
    19. Christopher Castillo

    Safety Certification:
    Important to Joe, the team, and the museum was that we had no injuries or vehicle damage on this project. So the OSHA compliance to Fall Protection and Prevention Certification was a big deal on the first day. Before anyone got near the aircraft, we all learned about safety equipment and gear…and practiced using it prior. The museum loaned us some incredible safety apparatus to get on top the aircraft and up high on the sides. This is the only proper way to do aircraft. We did not even have a slip. Had zero injuries or aircraft damage.
    Paint work:
    Single stage. Very oxidized and chalky. 3 step process on most areas. Sometimes 4 steps on certain areas.
    1. D114 Rinsefree Wash, long handle MF mops
    2. DA tool, DFC6, M205
    3. D156 spray and wipe for protection
    Optionally, M205 might have been applied again after the first cut step, but switched to DFP6. This was done on dark color when water marks were still visible after oxidation removal.

    Due to surface temp, wind, and lack of humidity…M205 was the choice since it remained long cycle and removed oxidation effectively. M105 short cycled in this environment. M205 was a rock star and the team was amazed at it’s performance and results under the circumstances.

    The weapon of choice was primarily the 21mm DA, with some of the work being done with limited availability of MT300 (only 2ea.) A few hard to reach areas were done with PC.

    Joe and I did a test spot in early October….that looked like we did it yesterday. So we know this process will be durable for many many months…perhaps years? Dunno.

    Metal work:
    Uncoated raw aluminum that was scratched up, swirled up from previous rotary process, and severely oxidized. Initially, was polished using metal polish product that Joe brought but it was extremely messy and used it all up. Kevin Brown jumped in with M105/M205 process that produced a better finish, less time, and a lot cleaner buffing. Sum severe parts were buffed with rotary as a first cut step. All finish work was done with DA. The engine covers were removed from the aircraft and polished inside the hanger. This provided a more desirable environment to work in, as well allowed for after dark work with inside lighting.
    1. Rotary/wool pad with M105 or DA 21mm tool with DFC6/M105
    2. DA 21mm tool with DFP6/M205

    SWA process:
    Both metal work and paint work got somewhat challenging in direct sunlight due to surface temp. A spray mist of water while polishing and prior to residue wipe off proved to be a very helpful technique. Thus you will see some spray bottles of water in pics.

    Man hours:
    Estimated over 560 man hours on the aircraft.

    New DA foam discs:
    Performed incredibly well. Lower surface temps. Useful functional pad rotations under pressure. Resists loading of the pad. Easy clean up! We cleaned and reused discs 2X daily. Used pad washer and drying rack with the help of the Tucson sun to dry pads.

    Post detail paint work:
    The museum is currently (as as of this post) repainting the belly and gold stripe down the sides. These areas were not repairable with a reconditioning process as they were too far gone. But after painting this week, the plane will go back on display and look like new.

    Special note: A huge thank you to Jason Rose for the write up on the project and for all the images.

    Michael Stoops
    Senior Global Product & Training Specialist | Meguiar's Inc.

    Remember, this hobby is supposed to be your therapy, not the reason you need therapy.

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    Re: Freedom One


    Great job gentlemen...



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      Re: Freedom One

      Awesome! Great job! Were you being supervised by my colleagues the entire time?

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        Re: Freedom One

        What a great project!

        Awesome pictures and some amazing perspectives for the shots!


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          Re: Freedom One

          Very nice project. Thanks for sharing. I recommend other to listen to Larry's podcast with Jason Rose, Kevin Brown and Joe Fernandez talking about this project. Very interesting to listen to.
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            Re: Freedom One

            Awesome work in far from ideal conditions fellas!
            Originally posted by Blueline
            I own a silver vehicle and a black vehicle owns me. The black one demands attention, washing, detailing, waxing and an occasional dinner out at a nice restaurant. The silver one demands nothing and it looks just fine. I think the black vehicle is taking advantage of me, and the silver car is more my style. We can go out for a drive without her makeup and she looks fine. If I want to take the black one out, it is three or four hours in the "bathroom" to get ready.


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              Re: Freedom One

              Larry Kosilla shot a great video during the project. There is some great background on the airplane itself, as well as the processes used to restore her.

              Michael Stoops
              Senior Global Product & Training Specialist | Meguiar's Inc.

              Remember, this hobby is supposed to be your therapy, not the reason you need therapy.


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                Re: Freedom One

                This was a great project! I've been using Meguiars Low profile foam pads for a long time, even pre production, and on this project I learned how durable they are! The ease of cleaning and the abuse they took and still kept going was astounding. Far more abuse they I have ever put them through.

                I want to thank Joe Fernandez, Jason Rose, Kevin Brown and the sponsors for allowing me this opportunity to get dirty and work on a special project.

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                  Re: Freedom One

                  It was a honor to work with this group of dedicated men who set their ego's aside for a great cause. Joe Fernandez successfully put together and led this project safely to it's goal. We are also thankful for Meguiars sponsorship and the loaning to us one of their key men , Jason Rose. I was pleasantly surprised to notice if you were looking for Jason all you had to do was look up at a lift at the guy buffing his tail off. Kevin Brown also joined in not only showing his expertise in polishing bright work but polishing for hour after hour right along side of the rest of the crew. I can't post enough positive things about this group except I can't wait until the next one.
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                    Re: Freedom One

                    I am so honored to have been a part of this project. Working with this group of talented and humble detailers has been a wonderful experience. Meguiars new foam polishing/cutting disks performed beyond expectations. Polishing this piece of history was amazing. If ever given the chance to work with this group of guys again in the future I would say yes in a heartbeat!
                    Thanks to Meguiars, Joe Fernandez, Kevin Brown, Larry Kosilla, ACE Clearwater, the PIMA Air and Space Museum, Meghan from Autogeek (can I say that on here?), and the entire Freedom One Crew for making this such a memorable experience.


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                      Re: Freedom One

                      Life is about making memories and this project is a very special memory I'll cherish forever. Awesome team, awesome sponsors, awesome weather, etc....

                      Freedom One was a chance to not just work on a special aircraft with a talented crew but it was a chance to reach back and touch history!

                      It could have not gone any better.

                      Here is a quick 4 minute video on the project. FREEDOM ONE!!

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