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  1. Best Online Megs Vendor
  2. What type of wash mit/sponge do you use?
  4. Are you a 100% Meguiars user?
  5. Liquid or Paste Wax?
  6. What is your prefered car wash soap/shampoo?
  7. Who are we?
  8. Favorite detailing spray
  9. Which Wax gives you the best Gloss and Reflection?
  10. Which Wash Do You Think Is The Best?
  11. Which is your favorite interior protectant?
  12. Pictures in signatures!
  13. How Long Do You Detail?
  14. Pressure Washer?
  15. For those of us in the colder winter climates...
  16. which wash mitt do you prefer?
  17. Yourself and the auto part store
  18. #20 or #26 which would you buy?
  19. live chat
  20. which wash
  21. stage 3 deep crystal
  22. final tire poll
  23. Decals on or off of vehicle
  24. Polisher Storage Method
  25. Preferred Wax Application Method?
  26. Car Drying Method
  27. Preferred Wax Application Method?
  28. Have you been always using Meguiar's and why?
  29. How many would be interested in a clear finishing wax like 16
  30. XBOX360 or PS3 (Not Spam)
  31. doing the interior is like cleaning your room
  32. The New 2008 “What type of Mitt do you use?”
  33. plan to purchase new rotary
  34. Will a fed gas tax freeze help you?
  35. Washing Question? Start at the top or start on the wheels?
  36. Which Car Wash do you like the best?
  37. Please post Polls in the forum group "Member's Polls"
  38. NXT or UQD air freshner
  39. Do you use Instant Messaging?
  40. What is your sunglasses
  41. Meguiar's acquisiton by 3M
  42. How often do you "clean" the paint?
  43. What is your favorite "pure polish"?
  44. What browser do you use?
  45. Leather Or Fabric?
  46. How often do you wax your favorite car?
  47. What kind of Detailer are you?
  48. Plastic: Yes or No?
  49. How do you pronounce "carnauba"?
  50. Do you use a cleaner before going to your LSP?
  51. Final polishing step with a rotary or a DA?
  52. nxt tech wax 2.0
  53. Bonnets, SS Microfiber, or Ultimate Wipe?
  54. Which Operating System are you?
  55. Does a Pure Polish/Glaze really add anything to a perfectly prepped panel?
  56. What is your favorite thing to do?
  57. Watching Barrett Jackson?
  58. What do you call the "final" buffing step?
  59. How do you dry your pads?
  60. Enjoying MOL. Have MOL, will travel.
  61. Meguiars Decals
  62. Do You Like Detailing With Others?
  63. What is your favorite AIO Cleaner Wax?
  64. What do you Call it?
  65. UQW Vs. NXT Spray Wax
  66. What is your favorite Meguiars Metal Polish
  67. At what temp will you hand wash your vehicle?
  68. What is your favorite interior protectant , Part 2
  69. What is your favorite interior protectant?
  70. Do You Wear a Mask When Detailing?
  71. Which one do you reach for time and time again?
  72. Bonded and Insured?
  73. How Do You Fill The Wash Bucket?
  74. Meguiar's Hot Shine tire Gel or Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel?
  75. If there was a cure for detailing sickness, would you take it?
  76. APC or APC+
  77. A new name for Rep Points?
  78. how many times a year do you wash your car
  79. To Bead, or Not To Bead...
  80. Do you ever cross product "streams"?
  81. Do you wash your MF Towels before first use?
  82. how many times do you wash your car a year
  83. Parking under a tree?
  84. If you had to choose one...
  85. TV or the internet. Which could you give up for a year?
  86. NBA Finals
  87. Soccer fans
  88. Which Movie had the best car chase
  89. Where are we from?
  90. How many discussion forums do you belong to? (All forums, not just detailing)
  91. Do You Like Digital TV?
  92. Having More Than One Car - A Luxury Or Necessity?
  93. What continent are you from?
  94. What part of your car do you like to wax?
  95. Which Motor Oil Do you Prefer?
  96. Where in the U.S.
  97. Favorite Import Brand?
  98. How do YOU use your wash mitt?
  99. matte color wax !!!
  100. How Old Are You?
  101. How has the recession impacted the detailing business?
  102. Poll: Supreme Shines or Ultimate Wipes?
  103. Which Grade of Fuel Do You Use?
  104. Shop Vac or Extractor for carpet Cleaning?
  105. paint cleaned always before waxing or not?
  106. Pad size
  107. Detailing Your Car At A Car Wash Bay
  108. How Often Do You Buy Detailing Materials?
  109. How Much Do You Spend When Buying Detailing Materials
  110. Where Do You Buy Your Detailing Materials
  111. Hearing Protection
  112. Safety Glassses
  113. A MOL App???
  114. Permanent Paint Coatings
  115. Who would buy Supreme Shine towels of they were offered at local retailers?
  116. Smoking in vehicles
  117. Poll: What color is your car?
  118. meguiars Vegas contest
  119. Where do you learn about new products & techniques ?