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  1. Griot's Garage 11605STDCRD 6" Machine Polish and Wax Kit
  2. G110v2 in Canada?..........
  3. HELP!!! Water / Acid Rain Etching: New Black Audi!!!
  4. 1st time detailing
  5. New old truck
  6. 4 in. soft buff pads
  7. Question about new pads
  8. Problems with PC DA...help pls
  9. DA G110/ Backing plate W-670A
  10. sundays the day
  11. Michael Stoops, Whats the hold up?
  12. Upgrade to Flex?
  13. Meguiars 3" backing plate on 7424XP
  14. adam's foam pads
  15. Test area outcome with Meguiars products
  16. What buff pads to use with #2 and #3 liquids….
  17. I know this is a stupid question....
  18. Professional Help Needed
  19. Removing spiderwebs & scratches from tailights
  20. PC 7336 Speed Settings?
  21. Meguiar's G110V2 Polisher in Stock!
  22. G110v2 and G220v2
  23. after ultimate compound ...?
  24. which soft buff 2.0 pad to use with ultimate polish?
  25. Meguiars Soft Buff 2.0 cutting pads
  26. W68da with W7XXX,8XXX,9XXX?
  27. My First DA, Please Help !!
  28. DA pad choices
  29. I just got my G110V2 in the mail, but problem with the backing pad? Video inside
  30. do I need cleaners or conditioner for G110v2?
  31. 750w inverter for G110v2?
  32. Plan of Attack for Defects? (Pic Heavy)
  33. G110 died
  34. Backing plate question for G110v2
  35. "New" G110v2?
  36. use these pads with...
  37. Where to find a Meguiar da polisher
  38. Where in? Ontario
  39. Anyone use a DA on a Jeep JK ?
  40. Problem!!
  41. Most versatile backing plate / pad size for PC 7336?
  42. Masking off edges to avoid burning paint
  43. Help needed with my G220
  44. Cant remove fine scratches! Why?
  45. Meguiars G110 DA Polisher as a Sander ?
  46. Where can I buy a G110v2?
  47. can i use the s3bp to my g220 da?
  48. Griots Garage pad question
  49. polishing/waxing/pads recommendations needed for a DA
  50. 7346sp Porter Cable Buffer
  51. Can the DA be used for headlight restoration?
  52. What type of bonnet for ScratchX & Ultimate Compound??
  53. Velcro backing plate failure
  54. Basic combos of pads / fluids using what I have?
  55. Are DA MF pads suppose to be like this??
  56. Purple Power and pads?
  57. Can I use the same pad?
  58. help with D/A setup
  59. about micro correction system
  60. Kord 'n Klamp - keep your DA plugged into the extension cord.
  61. what's the difference between backing plate W68DA and S-6BP
  62. Cleaning Polishing Pads
  63. Meg DA polisher back ordered
  64. 3 inch bad backing plate
  65. Need Advice
  66. Excess Touch Up Paint Removal
  67. DA Polisher Trouble Shooting Guide
  68. G110v2
  69. MF System VS Cutting Pad and UC
  70. Is This Normal Foam Pad Wear? Advice Please!
  71. Is this normal ?
  72. Cleaning Meguiar's 9007 2.0 Buffing Pads
  73. Paint thickness check
  74. If my UC or UP dry out while polishing ?
  75. [Solved] G110v2 Power Cord Problem
  76. D/A Getting Hot Quick ?
  77. Ultimate Polish and DA
  78. Here is what I have accomplished so far
  79. Wrong Pads!! Whats next?
  80. Lake Country backing plate
  81. DA microfiber system
  82. Traditional rotary/wool vs. DA MF
  83. M #105, Swirl X or ScratchX 2.0
  84. GG mini polisher
  85. A few simple questions...
  86. Meguiars DA Microfibre Correction System - My Testing Results
  87. First time with a DA last night, have a few follow-up questions
  88. 3 inch backing plate for the G110v2 for wax removal
  89. Edging the DA... A Game Changer
  90. Pads for Griots 6" DA - Will the Megs 8207 and 9207 fit?
  91. Flex DA
  92. Meg's DAv2 backing plate
  93. pc trouble
  94. 4 inch pads vs 7 inch pads
  95. G220v2 stops rotating with 8" pad :(
  96. Ultimate compound and LC orange pad
  97. Meguiar
  98. Chevy Tahoe - how many pads?
  99. Meguiar's Pad Washer
  100. Where to buy SOFTBUFF 2.0 PADS in Michigan?
  101. Just got g110v2
  102. 1998 Cavalier Z24 Project (black Car) (with pictures) Oxidation & scratch repair
  103. MF System vs Soft Buff Pads ... Lots of questions
  104. G110v2 Price Increase?
  105. Need some help picking out Lake Country pads for UC/UP/NXT
  106. With the DA polisher, question about application.
  107. Makita B06040...
  108. Flex XC 3041 VRG...
  109. Why no DA stock anywhere?
  110. DA Throws dust with Swirl X
  111. meguiars 4" polishing pads
  112. extremely satisfied
  113. First timer, where did I go wrong
  114. Just got the...
  115. Out of Stock
  116. Da orbital polisher question
  117. Adams Pads with Megs products and the PC
  118. griots DA polisher
  119. DA Correction System - Brasil
  120. The G110v2 back-order thing is ridiculous!
  121. Finally got it...time to test this weekend (i hope)
  122. I ordered a new DA.
  123. So, the G110v2 is no longer on back order. Question.....
  124. Dayton, OH area- can you help determine if my DA is working right?
  125. Question on MF system.
  126. Defective G220 v2 DA polisher from UK
  127. Porter Cable 7424XP 97.99 shipped.
  128. G220V2, is it really a defective machine?
  129. My G220 has gone Phuttt! Any advice welcome...
  130. Meguiars D300 and MF pads Vs VW Gol - Brasil
  131. Meguiars 105 and Surbuff
  132. Help with product selection please.
  133. Not sure who to blame ..
  134. Would anyone know ..
  135. Other people's understanding of car detailing
  136. Picked up a G110V2!!!!!
  137. Greast news for all 230 Volt international detailers
  138. A question regarding Meguiar's Pads and backing plates and other DA polishers
  139. G220 play on main spindle - Normal?
  140. This is insane, 20% off everything
  141. Do you wash pads after each use?
  142. What do you guys think the best da polisher you can buy for a good price.
  143. It is not good to smoke, right?
  144. Orange Lake country pad lasted one and a half cars
  145. Is it ok to use a damp foam pad when buffing?
  146. How likely will I have the G110 V2 Power Cord Issue?
  147. Clay, Polish, Glaze, Wax?
  148. is this paint neglected????
  149. M105 - method of application
  150. Which Megs polish for "Jeweling"?
  151. G220v2 in Australia?
  152. First Black vehicle
  153. First use of my new to me g110v1
  154. which Lake Country pads?
  155. Struggling to achieve perfect finish
  156. what size/type foam pad?
  157. Meguiars g110v2
  158. meguiars products with griots da and pads
  159. can't decide between "Krauss DB-5800-S" and "G220-V2" in Germany?
  160. G110V2 stop rotation
  161. S3BP with GG3
  162. Replacement wrench for the G110v2... anyone?!
  163. How to apply Paste wax on 5.5" pads?
  164. Meguiars MF pad Question?
  165. How do i clean pads?
  166. First time DA user troubles!!!!
  167. Buying DA Polisher in Canada
  168. Hologramming with Microfiber DA System
  169. SoftBuff 2.0 Finishing Pad Questoin
  170. What products to use?
  171. Product Plan for New DA Polisher: Need Input!
  172. Windshield waterspots
  173. G220EUv2 rotating at full speed all the time
  174. Purchased the Porter Cable 7424XP ..
  175. UC + DA + M yellow pad_ what
  176. Ultimate polish
  177. after a few years of using the twins, i noticed something this last week.
  178. m205 and pad selection
  179. Help me update my products!
  180. DA G110V2/MF finishing pads
  181. G220v2 in NZ?
  182. blk Softbuff pad 2.0 issue??
  183. Cleaning MF Pad Question...
  184. Am i realy need 4" pads?
  185. 6" MF kit backing plate, what foam pads?
  186. Jeweling the paint with polish
  187. DA Microfiber Correction System
  188. DA - Which one?
  189. Foamed wool pad on DA?
  190. Very Excited About the MF System
  191. DA PC 7424 with microfiber system questions
  192. Pad size
  193. How long should I work the product?
  194. DA 3" BP with 4" Pads
  195. G110V2 MF Kit.
  196. What next?
  197. Are these LC pads still good?
  198. Megs D300/MF - buffer trails
  199. Megs D151 MF or foam pads on OEM paint.
  200. G110v2 short in power cord
  201. Terry Bonnet on a G110v2 Pad?
  202. Light Swirls: Am I worrying too much?
  203. Problem with MF cutting pads
  204. My G110V2 Just **** The Bed
  205. Which DA polisher?
  206. nissan maxima needs HELP
  207. Bought An DA G110V2R Polisher. Need Help to get started ASAP
  208. G110v2 used one laster summer, kept in storage now doesn't work
  209. I Need A Little Advice...
  210. DA/MF Cutting Compound - Hard To Remove?
  211. Soft or Hard Paint?
  212. Which compound to use? ultimate or 205?
  213. Meguiar's Wash & Wax followed by DAPC
  214. Have i removed too much clear coat.
  215. Pads for the PC 7424?
  216. My backing plate failed :(
  217. pad spinning off
  218. LC backing plate with megs pads
  219. GG6 for fiberglass?
  220. DMF5 VS 9006 black pad
  221. Can I use the Orange Lake Country Cutting pad on a Megs G110V1
  222. Marring issues on almost new 2012 Maxima (Black) need help fast!
  223. Can you use a DA on a car with decals?
  224. Is there fake G220V2?
  225. G110v2 can I use foam finishing pad or foam polishing pad for basic wax
  226. G110v2 repair?
  227. Polisher provides multiple presents
  228. Newbie Questions
  229. Shine mate Ero 750
  230. G110v2 Maintenance
  231. G110v2 and Ultimate Compound not removing surface scratches
  232. Not even 5 minutes!
  233. Dual Action Polish review
  234. Buffer Recommendations
  235. Want to use DA MF but have questions
  236. DAMF 5" or 6" when using G110v2
  237. wet/dry sanding with electric DA ?
  238. Very hard Paint Question
  239. UP or 205?
  240. G110v2 Issue Am i stupid or it's defect ?
  241. Can this be used as a wax application purpose?
  242. why is my foam polishing pad heating up?
  243. Eric
  244. Claying with DA Buffer
  245. Does Anyone Experience Hand Numbness While Using a DA?
  246. What to use next with a random orbital buffer on freshly cleared car
  247. Junkman's, The Mother of All "How to Fix Your Paint for Novices" Thread!
  248. Any g110 v1 owners
  249. MF pads and product choices
  250. any chance to see a brushless DA in the future...