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  1. need new DA Pads ASAP where do I go?
  2. Just got a DA polisher, recommendations on pads/product?
  3. What to buy???
  4. pcxp is smokin'!
  5. G110V2 Speed Dial problem.
  6. Ques about a used g110v2??
  7. So many Pad Manufacturers to choose from Which one to go with???
  8. Will it work on 240 A/C? NXT 2.0 or Ultimate Polisher?
  9. extension cord?
  10. Keep or trade-in?
  11. questions about m205 m7 speed and polishing pads
  12. W67DA Backing Plate Question
  13. So I think I know what pads I want, but how many of each do I really need?
  14. Questions about G110v2 after first use and W63 Backing Plate with 4" pads
  15. Extension cord for G110v2
  16. Stubborn scratches, pad selection, etc
  17. G110V2 Revving
  18. 110v2 bad power cord!
  19. da microfiber didn't cut it, try m105 next?
  20. g220 v eu dead after one use!
  21. Buffing pads
  22. Makita B05021
  23. can i use m105
  24. Glass Stove top detail??
  25. Using DA to remove polish/wax
  26. New g110v2
  27. MIcrofiber System Saves the Day!
  28. Just received my new G110v2 Dual Action Polisher
  29. Da Microfiber System
  30. PC 7424 not spinning
  31. 2nd gv220v problem
  32. what now?
  33. Question on reusing DA pads
  34. Looking to finally get a DA
  35. Replacement Handle
  36. fresh paint
  37. DA polisher and Single Stage Dupont AcryLic Urethane Enamel
  38. 2011 mitsubishi lancer..SOFT PAINT!
  39. G110v2 problems
  40. G110v2 different versions?
  41. Buffing with polish
  42. New to Microfiber system questions
  43. Backing plate W68DA not straight - wobbling?
  44. Pad Selection
  45. Meg's DA attachment RPM????Help!
  46. Finally buying a polisher
  47. Can the G110v2 be used for sanding cabinets as well
  48. Problems with Meguia's G110 and regular generators
  49. Meguiars DA velcro foam buffer wheels
  50. What speed to run HF DA polishing for applying polish and wax?
  51. G220V2 Wobble
  52. New G110v2 and need help with backing plate
  53. Using the DAPS for my first full correction (Picture Heavy)
  54. no garage
  55. 4" DA Power Pads question??
  56. Great results with DA Polisher and Meguiar's Ultimate Compound
  57. Another G110v2 fan!
  58. Weird lines/scaling after buff with cutting pad and M83
  59. drill for Dual Action Power System tool
  60. DA Power System - Cordless vs hand application.
  61. Suggestions on best DA polisher
  62. ADS G110v2 out of stock?
  63. The DA power system and Professional Products
  64. Would this be sufficient enough to restore the paint and leave a high-gloss finish?
  65. Purpose of 2-3 light pressure passes after moderate pressure pass
  66. i have problem with the neighbors
  67. Life expectancy of DA Power Pack pads
  68. pad choice to use with 105 and 205
  69. New to using a DA.
  70. New Car...Best pads/bonnets for wax
  71. Clear coat gone?
  72. Largest pad for DAPS?
  73. Glass scratches
  74. something wrong i'm doing, for sure
  75. 3 Inch pads and DA - backing plate?
  76. How do you clean your microfiber pads?
  77. How long do your MF DA polishing pads last?
  78. Alternate ClayBar
  79. G110v2 suffered CoD
  80. Priming the Pads with Quick detailer and Quick Wax
  81. Harbor Freight Chicago Electric Platinum 6" Variable Speed Dual Action Polisher
  82. Microfiber pads comparisons and opinions
  83. Megs G110 upgrade question
  84. Using M105, which pad would be best on DA? Soft Buff 2.0 Polishing Pad or Orange CCS?
  85. W7207 and UC on DA?
  86. DA questions
  87. DA polisher/cutting pad to level touchup paint
  88. Harbor Freight DA on a 07 Chevy Tahoe
  89. Backing Pad for Harbor Freight DA
  90. DA Power System microfider pads
  91. Christmas came early.....
  92. Can anything be done to hide small paintwork stone chips?
  93. Purchasing Professional Dual Action Polisher - Foam pads or new MF System?
  94. Rupes LHR21 ES Wax/Autoscrub question
  95. New Chinese DA 21mm (Rupes Copy)
  96. Thinking about trying M205 instead of ultimate polish
  97. Bosch GEX 125-1 AE Orbital Eccentric Sander
  98. My Meguiar's Dual Action Polisher has finally retired on me. Could this be the cord?
  99. question
  100. Microfiber or foam? first attempt using DA.
  101. Porter Cable 7424XP
  102. Thinking about buying my first DA
  103. G110V2 or G220V2 - Questions on Cruise Control and other feature
  104. d/a meguiras dead again
  105. Finally purchased a DA polisher!
  106. What gauge is your extention cord?
  107. DA Power System pads
  108. Rupes LHR 12E Duetto Random Orbital Polisher
  109. white dots on car's surface
  110. Meguiar's DA Power System?
  111. Tested out the DA Power System over the weekend
  112. Dual Tools PS7000 Counter Rotating Polisher: Innovation or Gimmick?
  113. G220V2 or G110V2 - Replacement wrench and carbon brushes
  114. W68DA and W67DA, difference?
  115. Larry Kosilla / Jason Rose / Kevin Brown MAchine Polishing Podcast
  116. backing plate for W8207 & W9207
  117. flex vrg 3401 vs G220V2
  118. can the DA Microfiber cutting disc be used with other product?
  119. Possible to use DA Power System Pads with DA Polisher?
  120. Which pad to use for swirl correction
  121. PC 7424XP white pad
  122. orbital buffer and random buffer/polisher
  123. New Rupes DA Buffer
  124. how come nobody uses the burgundy cutting pads?
  125. Difficulty using UC with G110v2
  126. Got my G110v2
  127. A complete n00b asks some really dumb questions... help appreciated!
  128. Can I polish a car in a month? One part every weekend?
  129. Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2.0 Durability ?
  130. Best process using D300, M205 & Others ?
  131. G220 died after under 10 hours of use but 6 years later...
  132. G110V2 DA Availability
  133. G110v2 vs LHR21ES
  134. New Polisher! What's 1st?
  135. Microfiber Correction System on non factory paint?
  136. Ultimate Polish on Red pad vs Ultimate Compound on Yellow Pad
  137. Yep brough a DA Polishing machine.
  138. Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System
  139. hot pink motorcycle?
  140. Some clarification needed
  141. NEW! Meguiar's Foam Buffing Discs
  142. New Smaller Plate - Is this correct ?
  143. The Meguiars DA Power System with a Cordless Drill for Parking Lot Test Spots?
  144. Meguiar's G110V2 vs MT300, help deciding.....
  145. Is this normal
  146. cleaning foam pads
  147. G110v2 carbon brushes
  148. g110 v2
  149. pc7424xp speeds?
  150. MT300 release date and recommended Retailer???
  151. Hard waterspot, please help me..
  152. S3BP failed
  153. DASPRO6's backing plate 5,75" + meguiars microfiber 6" cutting pad ???
  154. 7424xp - Need new counter balance?
  155. Changing a backing plate if you lost the thin wrench...
  156. MT300 and paint correction on Mercedes GL450
  157. Meguiars G110v2, is this premature wear or normal?
  158. MT300 Technique
  159. Wohoo, new pads & backing plate
  160. M205 & Rupes 21/MT300
  161. Ready for a test run this weekend with the new MT300
  162. Need Pad Recommendations for PC 7436SP
  163. g220v2 problems
  164. Question about M/F finishing disc VS M/F cutting disc
  165. DA Microfiber correction system - poor perfomance, no defect removal
  166. g220v2 backing plate broken
  167. How long do pads last?
  168. G220 v2 polisher
  169. ATTN MR STOOPS: DA and Gold Class combo?
  170. MT300 ok for amatuers?
  171. MT300, pad and sanding questions
  172. Just pulled the trigger on the MT300
  173. Microfiber Bonnets
  174. Products that bridge the gap/don't fall into the typical "go to" category
  175. Questions about Pad Maintainence
  176. MT300 Over Uneven Surface
  177. Where to find replacement pads for G110
  178. Pneumatic D/A Polisher/Recommendation for an electric.
  179. Thoughts on Meguiar's Dual Action Polisher G3500
  180. D300 Correction Compound and MF Cutting Pad Question
  181. Just tell me what to buy for home use
  182. Which Product With DA Power Yellow Pad
  183. Just got my first DA!!!!
  184. Share experience with Meguiar's Mt310 DA
  185. M205 or ultimate polish?
  186. DAMF vs 105/205 Gloss
  187. Pad choice help, W68da plate.
  188. Where have the 7" pads gone?
  189. MT300 and 220/240 Volt Options
  190. Which pad for which application
  191. Help fix clear coat?
  192. New DA Foam Pad with G110?
  193. wrong pads? am i doing it wrong? help please.....
  194. Anybody familiar with the Harbor Freight DA?
  195. Question about pads for MT310
  196. G110 Just Quit!
  197. MT300 First Use ?
  198. DA Polisher - Trouble
  199. Does this exist...
  200. Black car swirl marks. Am I doing something wrong?
  201. Polish dust
  202. First time using a DA will be this week. I have some questions!
  203. D300 on Yellow Foam PadI
  204. Just bought my first DA... What does it need?
  205. Cleaner wax - work in or just apply?
  206. Diving Head First Into Car Care
  207. sun destroyed my roof
  208. Newbie from the Maryland Eastern shore in need of a good detail professional
  209. Meguiar's PC 7335
  210. Pad selection help real quick please! backing plate vs pad size ?
  211. Backing plate for the new DFC6 or DFC5 discs
  212. meguiars 6" backing plate 2 questions
  213. Bright direct and da power system
  214. Ok to use ultimate compound with DA polisher on entire car?
  215. Attaching 3" Meguiar's backing plate to PC 7424x
  216. Meguiars G110 DA polisher parts?
  217. D300 -> M205 -> Ultimate wax ??
  218. Electric polisher / buffer question
  219. buffer trails (holograms) after polishing
  220. Question about orbital buffer rpms
  221. Meguiars MT300/310 spot pads
  222. No gloss
  223. Backing plate and pad question
  224. Buffing Pads
  225. Honda S2000, 1st time with Microfiber DA system, need some help and advice please!!
  226. Buyer Beware! Meguiars DA Polishers = Low Quality
  227. How does the Flex 3401 work with microfiber pads?
  228. Dual Action Polisher mt300 first timer seeking answers
  229. Lubrication on G100?
  230. Hand waxer looking to make the jump
  231. Meguiars mt 300 replacementes parts
  232. Do foam pads wear out?
  233. Faulty DA Power System?
  234. Clover ct9000
  235. Question about backing plate and pad compatability
  236. Issues With Hazing When Using DA Power System and Ultimate Polish
  237. Question about G3500 DA power system and pads
  238. MT300 KILLING MY BACKING PLATE. Help needed.
  239. How to get out scratches with g3500 DA
  240. Cleaning NXT wax out of Pads
  241. UC and Red pad, build up on edges
  242. Polisher war: Flex XFE7 vs Flex 3401
  243. Meguiars black pad have ANY??? Cut?
  244. Need some advice
  245. I need to know which pads to use
  246. DPF6 with W68DA??
  247. MB Polishing Wax with DA
  248. Weird haze with DA
  249. Spiderweb scratches
  250. Min and nax BP for MT310