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  1. How to buff small hard to reach areas that are badly swirled ?
  2. Learning
  3. Going to buy an inexpensive rotary to hold me over, quick Q
  4. Sequence of products with a rotary...
  5. Spiderwebbing
  6. New To Rotary Polisher...
  7. Does paul dalton really really only use rotary?
  8. W5000 Dual Sided Wool Pad with Adapter to attach to the Rotary Buffer
  9. Holograms, but still swirls within. not aggressive enough product or pad?
  10. FLEX LK603VVB Circular Polisher
  11. Paint burn picture anyone?
  12. Got a chance to use a DeWalt buffer yesterday...
  13. When to switch products and machines
  14. Question
  15. Milwaukee 5460 0-1750
  16. Burn marks on plastic from buffer
  17. Actually polishing with a rotary
  18. going professional?
  19. Was given a buffer/polisher...
  20. 85 Fire-bird hood vs rotary....!
  21. Not so hard
  22. Difference Between 82 and 09
  23. Dewalt rotary?
  24. Makita PV7001C
  25. Snap-On rotary?
  26. Settings for Makita 9227?
  27. Wild and wooly
  28. Makita 9227C
  29. New paint buffing process
  30. Milwaukee 5460
  31. good rotary to begin with?
  32. what size backing pad to use ?
  33. Wool Bonnets & Rotary
  34. Pep boy sells Vector Rotary Buffer
  35. Amazing Rotary Guide!
  36. Quick trial of my new makita.
  37. Things You'll Do when your bored and you have M86 to spare
  38. Just ordered M105!
  39. Rotary Buffer Video
  40. Learn from my mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. Vector Rotary - got some questions
  42. Differences in Makita Rotaries
  43. New rotary... I need some product suggestions
  44. Wen Rotary...need assistance
  45. Holograms
  46. My rotary purchase experience... what's next?
  47. spear & jackson rotary polisher
  48. How Long Does Your Rotary Buffer Last ?
  49. Orange Peel leveling
  50. Thoughts on Craftsman polisher?
  51. What tools to do this job? *pics* questions
  52. 151 speed
  53. Anyone used this? converts a rotary to dual action?
  54. tiny swirls
  55. backing plate for makita
  56. Paint Condition wont change?!?! HELP!!!
  57. how difficult is the Dewalt variable polishe to use?
  58. Dynabrade Rotary converter
  59. Problem with rotary...Help!
  60. Milwaukee AP12QE Rotary polisher OR Makita 9227C Polisher
  61. Which Rotary is best in .... ?
  62. Did i make the wrong choice?
  63. I just bought my rotary polisher-pads,tricks and help needed
  64. Paint thickness gauge required?
  65. has anybody ever tried the black n decker wp1300k?
  66. Light Wool Compatible with 3M 5717?
  67. Best Rotary Prices?
  68. Rotaries safe to run across adjacent panels?
  69. How Important is Power?
  70. I'm looking for a tool
  71. Pawn shops are great
  72. new makita
  73. Glaze #7 and Rotary
  74. Cutting pads and buffer hop
  75. Backing plate, bad?
  76. Problem with DW849 and W64, W65
  77. The Hopeless Case Hood (Restoration Success)
  78. What are my Options
  79. Applying Tech Wax 2.0 or M21 with a rotary buffer?
  80. Just bought a DeWalt rotary, have some ????
  81. need a new switch
  82. Pad Selection
  83. Dynabrade Dual-Action Buffing Head
  84. Practice, practice...NICE!
  85. Questions after my first try with rotary.
  86. oxidise corvette
  87. my first rotary job
  88. 98 M3 Blue + Rotary + W8006 yellow foam pad + M83?
  89. Is it a pad centering issue?
  90. Kevin Brown method?
  91. Scratches and product to use
  92. 80&83 with rotary need advice
  93. Backing plate question
  94. Thinking about buying a Rotary, What pads to get?
  95. Rotary not stable near door lower panel.
  96. washing wool pad ?
  97. Removing oxidation from plastic
  98. M105 and the Rotary
  99. Is there an adapter for using DA backing plates with a rotary?
  100. Newbie going in at the deepend
  101. Junkyard Hood $
  102. First try with the new rotary
  103. Lightest Rotary
  104. Assessing Paint Thicknesses - Getting The Most Out Of A Single Layer PTG
  105. Great Buffer prices!!!
  106. Is it possible to finish with a foamed wool pad and M105?
  107. Is this okay to use?
  108. Looking for new wool pads, help!
  109. should I buy or not?
  110. How does this sound for just starting?
  111. is this normal for the WWLC7 pad?
  112. I found a junkyard! (pics)
  113. solo wool light cutting pad not "cutting" it?
  114. does anyone know this?
  115. Cheap Rotary
  116. Milwaukee 5540.
  117. Which has the most cut?
  118. UC with rotary
  119. Foam Pads question.
  120. Milwaukee AP 12 QE
  121. Makita making noises
  122. Proper dilution for IPA wipedown?
  123. Turn Roatary into Random Orbital
  124. Makita or Flex Rotary?
  125. looking for a rotary buffer
  126. M5 Pad/Chem Selection?
  127. Swirl Remover not working?
  128. FLEX VVB Rotary Review
  129. Orbital & Rotary
  130. Started today with the AP12QE
  131. M205 and Jewelling/ Burnishing?
  132. what i need to get
  133. Do you mind if I ask a dumb question about the Flex?
  134. Need help with scratches and buffing
  135. Used rotary for the first time today
  136. Things to keep in mind when getting started with a rotary buffer
  137. Foam Pad with 105?
  138. Look Ma no DA!!!
  139. Paint Removal by Polishing - An Example (Rotary)
  140. Polished a Polisher
  141. A bit of practice
  142. Glass Polishing by Machine - Defect Correction
  143. Work on Civic wing
  144. Pad size?
  145. Rotary Replacement?
  146. Makita Packaged Wool Pads?
  147. Orange Peel
  148. Cheap Rotary?
  149. makita 9207 spindle and maintenance
  150. Tested the Rotary and the DA Surbuf
  151. so are there any training DVDs for rotary?
  152. Angle of attack
  153. buffing saturns?
  154. just tried out the makita
  155. an hour to play with a messed up bonnet
  156. Rotary use: M105 - 8207 pad.....
  157. My First Rotary Experience!
  158. is da polisher a mandatory procedure after every rotary?
  159. holograms question
  160. rotary advice pls.
  161. Sunday..day of rest,not for me.
  162. Quick! My Neighbor May Be Ruining His Paint!
  163. applying NXT GEN tech wax 2.0 with rotary
  164. So Close!!!! How can I get it perfect?
  165. adapter for double sided pad
  166. Meguiars pads info
  167. Fight or Flight Method for Gaging Surface Temperature
  168. Product, Pad & Speed Recommendations for Rotary Buffing
  169. Are pads my problem, or my skill?
  170. Help!!! I damaged my makita 9227c
  171. Paint burn project
  172. Please, I need help to remove a sealant!! (noob)
  173. What speed is consider safe on a makita 9227c?
  174. Which is the best rotary buffer?
  175. Bought a NEW rotary polisher...and it looks just like a Makita!
  176. Milwaukee 5460
  177. Getting Rid Of Stuborn Swirl Marks
  178. Just bought another rotary to try!
  179. Technical question about picking up a bead
  180. Looking to buy a buffer?
  181. Bought my first buffer, a generic. Have Q's..
  182. Thumb Gun (TMG01) ThumbGun Polish Dispenser
  183. M205 with a rotary?
  184. Got to play with my first Rotary
  185. Making The Jump
  186. Speed of Rotary Polisher? older B&D 992
  187. First Rotary Buffer (2800 rpm fixed speed) ?
  188. Thoughts on this?
  189. rotary and swirl remover 2.0
  190. Tried out my Rotary Today, Have a few Questions
  191. Solo System
  192. Need some Recommondations Just got my BUFFER!!
  193. Swirls under Wax
  194. left #105 to dry up and cant clean it off
  195. Makita 9227C Standard Backing Plate + Soft Buff 2.0 Pads
  196. Makita 9227CX-3
  197. Joining the ranks of the Makita enthusiasts
  198. Makita 9227c (and other polisher) replacement parts
  199. First time using the Makita 9227C
  200. Which ROTARY is the BEST ?
  201. Help for a Noob.....hazing?
  202. makita's which is everyone talking about?
  203. Hard clearcoat + scratches = need some help
  204. how fast or slow with rotary?
  205. Back me up! Which Backing Plate to Buy?
  206. Double Sided Wool vs Hook and Loop
  207. How to determine RPM'S?
  208. Recommended rotary vs cheap rotary
  209. Porter Cable 7428, what would you pay for one?
  210. Flex New Rotary Buffer
  211. Finally stepping up to a rotary, but which pads and backing plate to go with?
  212. Help me decide which pads and compound for my new makita
  213. Meguiar's wool pad vs Makita wool pad
  214. Craftsman Polisher- 115060
  215. A few questions
  216. my car in danger of premature cc failure?
  217. makita 9227c newbie question
  218. Whats the technical name for...
  219. Alternatives to spurs for wool pads?
  220. How to go from Rotary Straight to LSP?
  221. Rotary polishing, the love affair with the old school buffer ......
  222. Working w/ M105 on a Rotary
  223. Newb... "pull in" compound/polish?
  224. Rotary Buffer B&D
  225. If you're interested, Harbor Freight rotary on sale
  226. Would appreciate your recommendations: polishing clear coat
  227. Holograms
  228. New paint job - Buffing questions
  229. Holograms - help?
  230. Rotary backing plate
  231. Paint chipping during polishing
  232. Buffing single stage cured paint
  233. makita questions
  234. Some questions about technique following my first time with a rotary
  235. 1st time with a rotary and m105. wow!
  236. Help with my polisher?
  237. Removing swirl lines from auto glass. What to use?
  238. Instrument Cluster Correction Vs M205
  239. Help with rotary purchase and products
  240. makita 9227c rattle?
  241. Rotary Buffing Techniques - How Variables Impact Results
  242. odd result while using uc and rotary buffer
  243. recommendation of a buffer?
  244. Hi, HEEEEEYYY I Screwed up my car!!!
  245. Will a Meg's self-centering backing plate work with this buffer?
  246. Finish quality between DA and rotary
  247. Is Yellow Soft Buff Foam Polishing Pad OK with M205?
  248. Ugh @ Pep Boys
  249. What equipment would you recommend for me?
  250. How to adhere a 7 inch foam pad to a B&D Handy Buffer #9555