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  1. Good Source for DA sanding pads?
  2. Sanding an Old Paint Chip repair
  3. Help with repairing a rock chip
  4. How risky is wet-sanding?
  5. Temperature and M105 and M205
  6. oversanded...need help!
  7. Duplicolor blend
  8. Windshield rock chip repair
  9. how fast can I wet flat new laquer?
  10. 2008 chip problems...
  11. Langka?
  12. Paint chip question??
  13. Wetsanding 8 month old clear-coat
  14. First time wetsanding.
  15. Wetsanding with DA polisher
  16. Are these possible?
  17. touching up a rock chip on ~3 week old paint
  18. Is it possible?
  19. Unigrit Foam Finishing Disc questions
  20. quick questions about rust
  21. Damp-Sanding a 1956 Chevrolet Belair with Meguiar's Unigrit Foam Finishing Discs
  22. Wet sanding, cutting and buffing using only a DA
  23. how long after duplicolor clear coat before clay/wax
  24. Would wet sanding and DA polisher work on this?
  25. Thickness guage
  26. Still unhappy with results
  27. Meguiar's New 3 Inch Professional Headlight & Spot Repair Kit
  28. Damaged Section of Bumper... No Need to Repaint the Whole Bumper?!
  29. wet sanding
  30. Touch up paint
  31. chips in paint - not getting a smooth surface
  32. How to "fix" rough bumper scrapes?
  33. Wetsanding with 3000 Unigrit
  34. Can this be saved
  35. wetsanding marks in clearcoat
  36. 2 rock chips that have surface rust
  37. Hard masking lines in paint
  38. Wet sanding with Flex 3401
  39. just painted car
  40. Finest grit to remove orange peel?
  41. ScratchX 2.0 on new paint
  42. 2009 Nissan Altima "Super Black" Repair Chip & Scratch Project
  43. Wetsanding Question
  44. Clear coat layer -- chip repair?
  45. Removing the "blob"
  46. wetsanding...
  47. Patient name: 1998 Chevy Cavalier Z24
  48. Can wetsanding glass remove scratches?
  49. 2000 Unigrit blocks + M105 = ??
  50. damp sanding with da polisher
  51. Help with Omni Urethane
  52. dirt specks/nibs
  53. Meguiars unigrit finishing discs wear out too fast
  54. Can this be repaired?
  55. Peeling paint after impact
  56. Polishing new paint
  57. clear coat removed; anyway to fix?
  58. Wet sanding repaired paint chip
  59. wax after buffing new paint?
  60. Any step between 2000 gr block and CC Safe polishing compound?
  61. color sanding
  62. Would this be the correct procedures?
  63. How To Repair Rock Chips
  64. Sanding & Painting Questions
  65. Removed Orange Peel....
  66. The blob!
  67. Removing contaminants in the CC
  68. Deep rock chip repair
  69. Paint Sanding Only One Side of Car
  70. Great Result "Sanding block 2000 + 105 Compound"
  71. Hi everyone. Haven't seen where to post this.. trim care.
  72. Body shop recommendation in Maryland/Virginia/DC area?
  73. Scratch fix in new paint
  74. Wet sanding
  75. Clear coat issues...
  76. Painting Interior Trim?
  77. Does anyone here color sand using a DA?
  78. Wet sanding rubber?
  79. sanded rock chip. resulted in dimple.
  80. Touch Up Paint, And Compounding?
  81. Painting my first truck
  82. Wet Sanding Scratches and Applying Ulti. Compound and Polish
  83. Need help getting glossy finish on car
  84. Questions about painting
  85. Waiting time after applying touch up paint...
  86. Would wet sanding fix this
  87. Wet sanding gone wrong!!
  88. Orange peel and wet sanding, Meguiar's buffing products
  89. Looking for an air powered wet sander. Which one to get? Why?
  90. What's the difference between wet sanding and dry sanding using a DA polisher ?
  91. Wet sanding direction
  92. Orange peel?
  93. How many sanding sheets are needed
  94. Dust particles in factory paint
  95. Can I sand the car using a DA?
  96. Touch-Up paint ?
  97. new paint???
  98. Is this wet sanding technique OK?
  99. PC 7424xp for wet sanding?
  100. Rusty rock chip repair
  101. Wheel ClearCoat Removal
  102. Pad used for Ultimate Polish?
  103. Wet sanded too deep, help!
  104. Question Touch-Up paint question
  105. New Toy - #5000 Grit Trizact Foam Finishing Discs
  106. The Power of 3000 Grit
  107. Need Help With Swirls
  108. New paint in engine compartment
  109. Mirlon pad for wet sanding?
  110. Getting ready for Doctor Chip paint repair
  111. Best Method for Wet Sanding in Contoured Areas?
  112. What was wrong?
  113. Blasted by road debris!
  114. info on unigrit sanding/foam finishing discs needed
  115. Was wondering if wet sanding would get this out
  116. Which discs for new clear ?
  117. wetsanding single stage touch-up paint...darker
  118. Auto Paint Tape Line Elimination
  119. wet sanding; questions; advice,
  120. corrcting old single stage paint
  121. help with damp sanding clear
  122. Spud peelings
  123. Correct compound / polish for plastic grill wet sand
  124. Just started wet-sanding new paint, please advise me!
  125. Painting a plastic bumper cover
  126. Color Sanding Centari??
  127. Unigrit Backing Plate
  128. Wet sanding problem :(
  129. Dr. Color Chip: Better then blobs and wet sanding!
  130. 10% off Dr. Color Chip for MOL members
  131. New car - Minor paint issue...
  132. Color Sanding Bright Work on a 1927 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
  133. Wet Sanding Help
  134. Orange peel still visible after wet-sanding
  135. Growing paint bubbles that are rock hard ???
  136. Ultimate Wax to cover a minor "oops"
  137. Gone too far?
  138. Help with orange peel!
  139. Eliminating a Blend Line Harsh Burn In?
  140. Clear Coat Haze
  141. My Take on Wet Sanding with the DA polisher
  142. Orange peel prone to oxidation??
  143. Will a DA work as well as a rotary for removing sanding marks?
  144. Opinions on my plan to wet-sand and buff a fresh paint job
  145. Rust--Need Help !!!
  146. damp sanding process with Meg's sanding discs - 1500 film followed by 1500 foam?
  147. sanding factory paint, ripples and waves?
  148. Removing 5000 sanding marks using Meg DA
  149. Should I use 1500 Grit wet sanding paper on my newly painted hood?
  150. Wet sanding help..
  151. Wet sanding clear coat coming off
  152. Help. needing Dr Colorchip advice
  153. Can you manually repair a small section of failed clearcoat?
  154. Overspray removal without screwing up paint (sand or polish?)
  155. Ultimate Compound + Langka - Who can vouch for it?
  156. Need a little help. Gouge in fender well
  157. The technology behind Unigrit Sanding & Finishing Discs
  158. Orange peel trouble
  159. Rock Chips......
  160. Reflections on my wet sanded SUV!
  161. Best deep-scratch repair kit/system?
  162. OEM Motorcycle Fairing, Polish After Reclear, What is this White Area at Edge?
  163. Should I even bother...
  164. how to removing factory orange peel ???
  165. help sir! nees your advice :(
  166. did I burn my paint after wet sanding?
  167. haze returns
  168. Sanding Rusted Rock Chip Areas
  169. Chip and scratch repair
  170. Gutted, huge scratch on rim.
  171. Cross Hatch Sanding Marks
  172. Wool pad to remove sanding marks?
  173. Wet sanding a fresh paint
  174. Wet sanding and polishing single stage paint job.
  175. Wet-sanding OEM paint for pros only?
  176. Chip Repair Problem!
  177. Wet Sanding Advice
  178. Wetsanding mistake i made
  179. Acceptable rear bumper repair job?
  180. Chip repair with DA Power System?
  181. Multiple chips
  182. Bird droppings caused fractured clearcoat
  183. wet sanding orange peel
  184. Feedback for my plan of attack...
  185. Wet Sanding & buffing with a DA only.... product advice needed
  186. wet sanding my bmw 2015
  187. Scratch fix attempt
  188. Wet sanded the plastic window of my soft top, now I can't get the scratches out.
  189. what am I doing wrong when wet sanding orange peel?
  190. Very fine scratch removal tips
  191. Cutting and Buffing after fresh paint job
  192. Sand through question
  193. What type of paint do I have?
  194. Bringing shine to new clear coat
  195. Stone chips
  196. Wet sanding
  197. Shopping for abrasives for a little bit of wet-sanding
  198. Rock Chips Touch Up Gone Horribly Wrong!
  199. How to finish a paint job after clear coat has been applied?
  200. Help with Orange Peel New Paint
  201. Protecting a stress / flex crack ?
  202. Rate my bird poo etching :(
  203. Will this work???
  204. Buffing Wet sanded panel....
  205. Fixing rock chips
  206. Compound polish
  207. Amateur needs help
  208. Wet sand bonnet (hood)