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  7. 2. What is the best and safest way to clean my wheels?
  8. What temperature ranges are best for applying cleaners, polishes, and waxes?
  9. How to avoid swirls and holograms?
  10. PC + 83 not "Cutting" it! - The Limits of the Dual Action Polisher
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  14. Need HELP! - How to avoid holograms?
  15. The answer to hard questions about what can be done with a rotary buffer
  16. 5. Can a clear coat fade?
  17. 17. Do car waxes provide real UV protection?
  18. MASKING- Looking for the RIGHT way to do it
  19. Which LSP is better for light colors?
  20. Do Glazes/Fillers affect the bonding of NXT?
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  32. How to check for a clear coat finish?
  33. How to put product on a DA Buffing Pad
  34. Bugs Bugs and more Bugs
  35. Question about #80 - Does it contain heavy fillers?
  36. Meguiar's clay system: proper size of clay bar?
  37. Differences between Meguiar's Clay Bars?
  38. How long to wait to wax after fresh paint?
  39. Diferrence between #9,#82,#80
  40. Why PhotoBucket is a waste of time...
  41. G100/PC - Should it be spinning all the time?
  42. Rotary Buffers versus Random Orbital Polishers
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  44. need technically correct info
  45. Chemically removing rail dust
  46. New Paint - when to wax and buff?
  47. What the dealer recommended - new paint!
  48. Meg's Waxes - carnauba % content per volume
  49. Bugs, Bugs, BUGS, and MORE BUGS!!!!!
  50. Can I realistically get near-professional results with Meguiar's Consumer Products
  51. Great ScratchX Questions Thread!
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  55. Not very happy with ScratchX
  56. ScratchX Works! - I Stand Corrected
  57. Legal question about Pictures on the Internet? - Watermark
  58. Are there any inexpensive lubes to use while claying?
  59. Can You Use the PC to Polish-out #2000 Grit Sanding Marks?
  60. Removing Scratches out of Glass
  61. Worried the Dealership instill Swirls into my new paint job?
  62. Stained Paint caused by Tire Dressing Sling
  63. Delorean
  64. Buffer Swirls, Holograms and the Rotary Buffer
  65. Having applied #66, will there be problems painting the car?
  66. Why can't I attach a picture to my message?
  67. Polishable & Polishability - Paint Hardness or Softness
  68. The Clearcoat Failure Photo Archive
  69. Please explain Pros/Cons between Rotary and Orbital Buffers
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  71. Meguiar's Online List O' Links
  72. The words Clean and Cleaning as defined by Meguiar's terminology
  73. MOL History
  74. Tips & Techniques for using the G110, G100, G220 and the PC Dual Action Polisher
  75. The Term "Dual Action" as it relates to M83 Dual Action Cleaner Polish
  76. Avoiding Swirls with a Rotary buffer
  77. Paint Workability - The Hardness or Softness of your car's paint
  78. Cobweb Swirls vs Rotary Buffer Swirls
  79. What is the meaning of soft paint?
  80. Polish to be broken down
  81. Difference between M16 vs M26
  82. Amazing how easy M83 is to use with the right technique!
  83. How much time to wait before applying a second coat of wax?
  84. #82 Swirl Free Polish vs #9 Swirl Remover
  85. What's the difference between Meguiar's Super Micro Abrasives technology and Meguiar'
  86. Any wax that works fills to some degree
  87. Does ScratchX have fillers?
  88. Difference between NXT 2.0 vs M21
  89. Lifespan of NXT Tech Wax
  90. Working in the sun? How HOT does your car's paint get?
  91. Canvas Top - Convertible Top - Which products to use?
  92. Difference between M66 and D151?
  93. FAQ: What are the differences between Meguiar's Clear Plastic Products?
  94. List O' Links 2.0
  95. Basic List O' Links
  96. Are holograms and buffer swirls the norm for a BRAND NEW BLACK CAR?
  97. Difference between M95 and M105
  98. Tracers, RIDS & Pigtails
  99. Meguiar's Online List O' Links
  100. Wash or Wipe after Rain?
  101. Dirt Spots/Water Spots after Rain
  102. Is it a wax? Or a paint sealant?
  103. Examples of clearcoat failure and an explanation of possible causes
  104. Using a wetting-agent with M105 and M205
  105. How To Maintain Vinyl Graphics/Stickers/Stripes/Decals
  106. Removing Random Isolated Deeper Scratches - Man vs Machine
  107. How many microfiber polishing cloths do I need to detail my car?
  108. Where is the list of product numbers?
  109. Meguiar's Metal Polishes and Protectants
  110. How much of importance is surface prep?
  111. Black Paint for the do it yourselfer...
  112. TOGW = The Other Guy's Wax
  113. Let's talk about "Total Cut"
  114. Why does Meguiar's offer so many different waxes?
  115. Removing water-spots from side mirrors (by hand)
  116. who recieved their v2 buffers already!?
  117. Body Shop Safe or Not?
  118. Which Products Need To Dry, Which Ones Don't?
  119. 105/205 done, now what LSP...
  120. Administrators
  121. The Aggressiveness Order of SMAT Products - This might surprise you!
  122. LSP - The definition and the story behind the term
  123. The Traditional Orbital Buffer aka The Wax Spreader
  124. scratches & swirls
  125. Meguiars G110v2 at Amazon $119.99
  126. The Challenge of Delicate Paint
  127. Reducing water spots with water filter
  128. The Free Floating Spindle Assembly - The Story Behind The Story... by Mike Phillips
  129. The story of 3 H's - Horrendous, Horror Story and Hack Detailers...
  130. DISO = The Dealership Installed Swirl Option
  131. "Use the least aggressive product to get the job done"
  132. Sacrificial Barrier Coating = The purpose of a wax or synthetic paint sealant
  133. Imprint Chips - Chips in the paint caused by a thrown egg
  134. Sacrificial Barrier Coating = The purpose of a wax or synthetic paint sealant
  135. Backing Plates - More Than Just A Way To Stick A Pad To A Buffer
  136. Beginners guide to the different types of paint polishing tools
  137. Variables That Impact Paint Polishing
  138. List of Meguiars products with cleaning properties
  139. Test panels for refining and practicing tecnique
  140. How can i remove this scratches (See Pictures)
  141. Why cant you buy pads locally ???
  142. D115 vs d156
  143. Local Dealers
  144. Enthusiastic amateur needs help
  145. Ultimate Fast Finish Question
  146. Ultimate quik wax film after driving
  147. HELP!!!! Clearcoar failure or oxidation
  148. clear coated /plastic/ fiberglass maybe carbon fiber front spoiler( black) scratches
  149. First time clear coat fix a disaster
  150. Can't find 1000-2000 discs
  151. Missing wrench
  152. M01 medium cut cleaner
  153. snow removal
  154. Chemical Guys Pads on Boat
  155. Detailing/Glass coating/Using Meguiars Quick detailer
  156. Yellow stains on white pain/cleaner wax