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  1. Synthetic Polymer/Sealant vs. Wax
  2. The good and the bad types of silicone.
  3. Dedicated thread just for questions about so-called paint protection plans/products
  4. costly car detailing
  5. waxing by hand
  6. The MYTHS of Carnauba wax
  7. Toyota Lusterizing Sealant
  8. Newspaper to clean windows
  9. Dilution?
  10. NXT Tech Wax 2.0 and Synthetic Sealant 2.0
  11. Meguiars and other products
  12. Mirror Glaze/Consumer confusion
  13. Who tests or rates Waxes?
  14. Other Products: Wax-Cleaners or whatever
  15. Is it true?
  16. Sealant
  17. Clearcoat and polishing
  18. I'll be back!
  19. Doesn't quite seem feasible
  20. Waxing directionally
  21. Myth: 300k cars look good from the factory
  22. Expensive LSP's
  23. What is meant by "Pure Polish"?
  24. Fake Chrome Care?
  25. Vroom microfiber towels.
  26. Help, I am lightly confused.
  27. Porter cable?
  28. Waterless wash vs QDing
  29. Touchless car washes and stripping of wax
  30. A little testing/playing around!
  31. Does Last Touch contain silicones?
  32. The "best" wax?
  33. Waxes removing clear coat?
  34. washing harms asphalt??
  35. Why don't you see much Meg's being used in Body Shops?
  36. hazy, dull finish on clearcoat
  37. Proffessional detailer or my amateur skills
  38. Dr Color Chip
  39. Ultimate Compound and Waxing after repaint.
  40. My car doesn't need wax
  41. highest percent carnuba?
  42. Extremely Stubborn Water Stains
  43. Will a car cover protect my car?
  44. Wheel brightener sprayer
  45. X-Kote
  46. diminishing abrasive vs SMAT
  47. Dish soaps and car wash products use the same surfactant packages claim
  48. Off Brand Rotary
  49. A little confused about steps
  50. Pressure washing causing swirls
  51. Fact or fiction QD
  52. Vehicle Wrap Advice?
  53. Clay Lube
  54. What's with all the different products... naming, what are the differences?
  55. Quick Quiz looking at two pictures: Wax or no Wax
  56. Paint and Clear Coat
  57. Phew! Might confused - post touch-up product suggestions
  58. Dealing with crazy hard paint or, Don't believe everything you read on the Interwebs!
  59. "Super Duper ****** Coating"
  60. Liquid or Paste Wax Last Longer?
  61. Gold class or Ultimate Wax and Wash
  62. I need your advice to remove black splotch from interior my car
  63. i need you advise to return to the original color of my interior car
  64. i need your advice to return to the original color of my interior car
  65. Grout Sponge? Yes or No
  66. Wipe New? TV product
  67. Any abrassives in nxt 2.0 wax paste?
  68. Wipe New? anyone try this?
  69. Using Dawn or something similar to wash car
  70. G-110 Change Backplate?
  71. paint sealant & wax
  72. ultimate polish/scratch x 2.0 for brand new car fine swirl marks?
  73. How often do I need to use "Light Wax"
  74. Shelf Life, NXT 2.0
  75. Sealant Curing Time: Myth or Fact?
  76. microfiber cutting pads LIFE
  77. You can't polish Lexan Corvette Flying Roof Club (FRC) Major Damage Wet Sand
  78. Big School Boy Error :-( :-(
  79. Which Products Contain Carnauba?
  80. Liquid Glass
  81. Which Products Contain Polishing Oils?
  82. Liquid Glass Legend...$99.00 16oz Who buys this stuff?
  83. Peanut Butter???
  84. wash it again or DQ polishing?
  85. wax longevity question
  86. Best/Cheapest Clay Bar Lubricant?
  87. Acronym SOS
  88. Paint Protect
  89. Sealant vs Coating
  90. Waterless Car Wash
  91. Dash Protectants harmful
  92. Does surface dust affect aftermarket paint outgassing?
  93. Water spots
  94. Weird marks on car, could use advice
  95. Ceramics and peeling
  96. Show car glaze