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Tom Weed
Jan 29th, 2006, 12:26 PM
Here's some pics of a Ford F250 I did yesterday I would term as a "work" truck. The inside was filthy and it was the perfect opportunity to use my new Durrmaid extractor. I wasn't able to get any pics from the interior as it was dark on Friday night when I was working on it and it's hard to get good pics in my garage. The extractor worked like a charm, much better than the bottle, scrub brush and shop vac like I had used before.

On the exterior, the owner wasn't too concerned about getting a flawless finish, but "just give it a good coat of wax".

My steps were:

Wash with Pro C-60 car wash with my Karcher power washer and the foam gun attachment, then I went over it with the Meguiars wide angled body brush and rinsed.
Clayed the truck with C-2000 detailing clay
I worked on the aluminum wheels and the toolbox with NXT all metal polish and a Mothers powerball.
To clean up the paint, I went with a one step solution in #66 Quick Detailer on my rotary and a High Gloss constant Pressure "green" polishing pad on about 1400 RPM's. First time I have tried the green pads, seems to have just a bit more cutting ability than the normal polishing pad, but nothing like a cutting pad. The fine scratches were gone as far as I could tell and it produced a nice smooth finish.
I finished off the trim with Meguiars Exterior Trim Detailer, wheel wells with Hyper Dressing 3:1 and the tires with All Seasons Dressing.

Cleaning that truck for me was a LOT of work and I was worn out when I was finished. Glad I didn't do a 2 or 3 step polish out on this rig.

The after pics aren't so great as it was almost dark when I was finished, so I really couldn't capture how good this truck actually looked when it was finished, but here they are anyways.


http://archive.meguiarsonline.com/gallery/data/500/22616.jpg http://archive.meguiarsonline.com/gallery/data/500/22615.jpg


http://archive.meguiarsonline.com/gallery/data/500/22613.jpg http://archive.meguiarsonline.com/gallery/data/500/22611.jpg http://archive.meguiarsonline.com/gallery/data/500/22612.jpg

Jan 31st, 2006, 01:58 PM
nice job!! Those tires look very oily. What is all season dressing? I am not a fan of the high gloss, but if I were those tires would be a winner!

BTW, what did you clean the diamond plate toolbox with??

Tom Weed
Jan 31st, 2006, 02:54 PM
Hey Hannibal,
Thanks, The All Season Dressing is: All Season Dressing (http://www.meguiars.com/?detailer-dressings/All-Season-Dressing)

I apply is using a foam applicator pretty thick and leave it set for a few, then I go back and wipe it down, the key here is how much you remove when wiping it down determines the glossy look or more of a flat look. I really like this stuff after learning how to apply it properly, it seems to last a long time.

As far as the toolbox, I didn't get any good pics of it as it was starting to get dark when I was finished, but it was nasty! I removed 4 bumper stickers from it and polished it with a mothers powerball and finished up a jar of Mothers Billet polish, then went to NXT All Metal Polish. I had to go over it a couple of different times and I had to throw away several cheap cotton towels from buffing it as they were totally black. The powerball was a casualty also, but it had been used several times before. It cleaned up pretty well considering I don't think it was ever polished before.

That truck had over 120 K miles and the owner is a construction worker and uses it for a work truck, so it needed a little TLC.