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May 10th, 2004, 03:30 AM
Not every successful Man is a good person, but every Good person is a Successful being.

I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Meguiar, for opening up their home and sharing their legacy with us. The Meguiar's are sincere, kind and giving. I felt like a rich Uncle & Aunt, invited me over to their castle for the day, so I could play in their garage, while a Master detailer, Mike Phillips and his lovely wife Lynn (who are also Good and Selfless people) become personal instuctors to you.

Because of the Detail day at Meguiar's I believe I learned in hours, what takes others years to learn through trial and error, which may end up costing one, more energy, time and money.

Meguiar's 5 step paint care cycle and quality product line help take the mystery out of detailing.

I traveled over 1200 miles rt from San Francisco and drove away perfectly content from the experience. These events are one of Meguiar's best kept secrets, anyone thinking about attending one, should not miss it! Some detailers flew in from around the country. The Legendary Scottwax, Sqkykln, Rdarwa, Aurora 40 and other pro's where there helping cars look better than factory.

In addition to the Meguiar's product line, I would like to thank the above people for their help and advice in bringing my cars paint, to that show room shine. Recognition comes from seeing other people stare at your car as you drive by with your paint reflecting like liquid glass.

I saved hundreds of dollars and heart ache by attending this event. Seeing first hand, Mike Phillips and other experts working on cars, watching technique, product combination, PC /Rotary usage, product application, answers to questions, received a complementary gift bag probably a $50.00 + value, discount pricing and free shipping for a product order, complementary lunch and beverage.

All the cars that were detailed that day, where in above average care before the workshop. When the owner left, every single one of them had great big smiles on their faces.

After detailing, the products, 5 step paint care cycle and hands on help by Master Detailers, these cars/trucks looked like they were off the show room floor! While waiting one could sample Meguiar's interior/exterior product line. So everyone was learning, sampling, eating, detailing, watching, making friends, helping, questioning, there was always something fun to do.

Don't miss the next event!

Thank You All for your selflessness.


May 10th, 2004, 09:25 PM
I couldn't agree more! Barry Meguiar, Mike Phillips and his wife Lynn, Mike Pennington and the rest of the Meguiar's staff we met are first rate car people who really love what they do.