View Full Version : My experience with ScratchX

Feb 25th, 2006, 04:38 PM
Today was the first time I used ScratchX on an entire car. It really needed it.

As you can see, after hard work it's still far from perfect, but the improvement was HUGE.


Since I did it by hand, that step took 2.5 hours. The Simoniz pad I used started to disintegrate in the process.

To get better results, I shoud get a PC or such, but that was a big improvement already.

Feb 25th, 2006, 05:05 PM
what simoniz product did you use an orbital or just a pad?

Feb 26th, 2006, 05:04 AM
Just a foam pad that came with a Simoniz wax I finished a few years ago.