View Full Version : Going to throw some people in the mix

Apr 11th, 2006, 08:00 AM
Hello MOL fans!!!

My name is Jarod DeAnda I work for Meguiar's and am a raving fan of what Meguiar's is all about!

My position is Youth Lifestyle Marketing Manager, so what that means is I want more tuners, drifters, time attack, enthusiasts, non enthusiasts anybody that into making their car SHINE they need to be into Meguiar's.

Let's welcome some new enthusiasts to MOL with open arms as I know we're all Car Crazy and it's in our nature.

Also, you might or might not have heard of drifting, well, I'm the "Voice of Formula Drift" www.formulad.com

Meguiar's sponsors 30+ drivers/drift machines that use the products.

You can also get Drift update about Formula Drift in the Meguiar's Garage on Urabnaracer.com Check it out here

Well as I say on the microphone at all the events: