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May 1st, 2006, 11:28 AM
Well... we have this old rotating Coke clock at work and just about everything in and on it is obsolete or would cost a $$$$ to replace so we thought we would give PlastX a try.

We removed the face of the clock.... It was in need of a cleaning a little water is all that was needed to wipe the dirt off, even with that it was still very hard to read the clock.

There was a sticker on the plastic that said not to use anything other than soap and water but we ignored that. It was to the point give PlastX a try or try to get a new face we couldn't really hurt anything.

With the removal and reinstall of the face it took about two hours, a lot of elbow grease and terry towels! Up close its not perfect but the clock is 30 years old and I know the face hasn't been replaced in the last 13 years since I have worked there. The main thing is you can now easily read the clock.

Here is a before:

Here is a after:


Sorry for the poor photos.... the camera I was using is a little old.