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May 18th, 2006, 11:42 AM
Fortunately a friend of mine went to USA and brought me some proffesional products: DACP #83, 8006 foam polishing pad , a #21.
I´v started with a friend of mine to detail cars with those products, and some more that we had at home.
Here are some examples of what we did recently.
We washed both cars with some powerful soap to remove all the dirt that the cars had, I know that´s not the best, but we tried with that.

2000 Neon. The car was in horrible conditions. Never evar a minimum coat of wax, washed in pretty bad car washes, but it has all the paint from factory.
We applied, Quick clay, then 3m rubbing compound with a wool pad and rottory, #83 with 8006 pad with rottory, 3m machine Glaze with a foam pad of 3m and rottory, 3m hand glaze with meguiars applicator pads, and then topped with # 21 with a foam pad from 3m and rottory.
The results where ALMOST swirl free paint finish. Everything removed with microfiber towels.
I have a question. What else do I need to obtain a swirl free paint finish without doing wet sanding? A #9?? A diamond cut???? Do I need some more foam pads ????
Please help me, I want to obtain really awesome results!!

Before. Paint full of swirls, really dark and no shine at all

After. As you can notice, almost no swirls, but still some of them. The paint was really shiny and smooth.


Another Car.
2005 Peugeot 206. The car looked in good conditions, but with swirls because of the bad car wash that the owner was taking the car.
We applied # 83 with 8006 and rottory, 3m machine glaze with 3m foam pad and rottory, 3m hand glaze with meguiars applicator pads, and topped with #21 with a 3m foam pad and rottory. As on the Neon, everything removed with microfiber towels.



The owners where really satisfied, but me and my friend, we werent completely satisfied because we didn´t remove all the swirl marks.

May 18th, 2006, 02:15 PM
WOW thats amazing!!

you prob. didn't get all the swirls out because you didn't follow up with a PC DA