View Full Version : so I shouldnt try to buff out touchup paint w/o tools

Jul 4th, 2006, 08:36 AM
looks like everyone on here buffs all their touch up paint and wet sanding wit some type of rotary tool/buffer.

i tried wet sanding as best i could and got down to some of the paint unfortunately for me =/

on 2 different spots, Small yet looks ugly, theres no shine there like on the rest of the paint...

i dont have tools tho and really dont wanna get em for 2 tiny spots-- I might sell the car soon tho so I'll need to... ADVICE?

Jul 5th, 2006, 08:01 AM
Don't know if this will be of any help, but I've polished out wetsanding scratches by hand before. As long as they're no coarser than 2,000-3,000 grit, you should be able to do it if you spend enough time at it.

Consider how you can remove fingernail scratches from behind door handles by hand if you work at it long enough. Those are often worse than the haze from mild wetsanding; IMO a 3K grit scratch isn't really any worse than the sort of marring people deal with all the time.