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the newbie
Jun 29th, 2004, 12:05 PM
a quicky,this time.last night i was talking to one of our customers,at our shop,and he asked me,what kind of wax he could use to bring back the original red on his '99 vectra.he just bought it a month before on an auction,so the car was outside for quite some time,and the paint was losing it's original gloss,and shiny,and like many red cars,it's like the car has different paints on the body.


as you can see,the rear side of the car,seems to have a slight different color,than the spoiler,on the under side of the body.


the front of the car was hard to look at,it looked like a bug-cemetary,a couple of thousand bugs,found death on this car,and yes,birds loved to drop on this car too


the photo shows the result of to times of carefull washing.

here's what i did......
i decided to be ready in 3 or 4 hours,since he brought it in at 8 in the evening,and i usually go to bed about 11 or 11.30,and a need a good night rest.
so i washed it twice,and thouroghly,than i clayed the hood,front bumper,and roof.
after that i decided a coat of color x and a coat of next should be enough to do the job.
i took a test at the trunk,and used color x on the left side,and left the right for what it was,to compare with....amazing what this color x can do.


i applied color x by machine,wiped it off with a terry cloth towel,and applied next,also by machine,and wiped that off with another terry towel.
i took a bit of trim detailer and rubbed it on the plastics,and i cleaned the wheels with hot rims,off course i sprayed some hot shine on the tires,and cleaned the windows.
for some reason,my camera cannot make good pictures in the dark,so most of my after shots where black,with a little red spot,
so there s only one reasonable after shot...


it's a pity,the photo's went bad,but the owner of the car was very pleased,because the car shined like new,and the color differences were gone.coming up next....
this thursday,i'm detailing a nice jaguar,and friday,a bmw.
this time i will make sure,the pics look good.


Mike Phillips
Jun 29th, 2004, 01:57 PM
Excellent work Rick,

It's fun to read your posts, your passion explodes like the color your restore when you use ColorX on a neglected finish!

Thanks for sharing your details, I for one appreciate your time and trouble to take pictures and then tell a story.

ColorX and NXT are a great combo by hand or machine.