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Nov 9th, 2006, 01:36 PM
Hi everyone, I am freaking about a week ago I detailed my car...glazed and then polished. I then put my car bra on the car and covered the car with my car cover which is rated 9/10 for water proofing.

A few days ago it was raining pretty heavy. So today I go and take the car cover off and the front bra off the hood and noticed that the car was a bit wet in the corners and had a bit of dirt. So then I look closer and now I have a circle stain on the clear coat. The car is black btw and was repainted less then a year ago. I was in shock I couldnt believe it. I assume the water got thru and sat and caused the stain. I live in NJ so the temp is in the 50s sometimes low 60s.

Does anyone have any advise on how I can clear this stain up? I just tried some compound and that didnt work. I also tried glaze b4 that and nothing :(

thanks in advance

Nov 9th, 2006, 01:40 PM
Meguiar's 5-Step Paint Care Cycle (http://www.meguiarsonline.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2409)

Step 1 Wash

Step 2 Clean

Step 3 Polish

Step 4 Protect

Step 5 Maintain

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Do yo urecall what the products were you used? Meguiars, or other companies?

Nov 9th, 2006, 06:53 PM
I always thought that the 'Car Bra' was only supposed to be used when driving and was recommended to be removed when parked at home. But that was a couple of years ago so things might have changed since then.