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Mar 1st, 2004, 07:40 PM
First off Mike....great to see you on the Meguiars forum. You always did a super job on the Mercedes Benz and Corvette Forums!

I have been a HUGE fan of Gold Class since it came out in 1998.
As a matter of fact, on the Mercedes Forum, I was the one that got everybody using it. I still think it is the best out there.

My questions is this... I have a 1979 Corvette with the original black paint on it (only 14k miles on the clock) I am always looking for the extra advantage on my cars looking their best. Now I see there is a couple new products out. ColorRX and NXT. What can anyone tell me about these two products and how they would work on my vette with the original paint (no clear coat).

I still remember my 1986 Mercedes 300E that I use to win awards with at National Shows. It was Smoke silver (a champaine color) and people would come up to me and ask how I got my car to look like it was wet. I was using Gold Class when it first came out and people did not know what it was yet.

I still love Gold Class, I am just looking for info on the new products. Thanks in advance!:D

Mike Phillips
Mar 1st, 2004, 08:42 PM
Welcome kytown2,

Welcome to the new Meguiar's Online Discussion Forums, and thank you for your kind comments; I hope I won't disappoint you here on this forum.

As far as taking your black 1979 Corvette to it's Maximum Potential, I don't know if you can improve darkness, depth and reflectivity if your already using Gold Class wax.

Gold Class is an awesome wax that really creates a deep, dark wet-look finish. That said, the NXT Tech Wax does offer some characteristics that are different from the Gold Class. The one you may be most interested in will be it's ability to fill in and hide minor swirls and scratches.

I know personally, after having spent all day on a finish only to have it look flawless in the garage, but when I pull it into the sun, it still has a few tale-tale signs of cobweb-effect. What I found with NXT Tech Wax, that I haven't found with any other wax is it's ability to take your efforts to a little higher level, thus the reason I have posted elsewhere that I considered this a true show car wax.

Question: Do you own a porter cable dual action polisher?

If you do, I cannot recommend enough going over your finish with the new NXT Tech Wax using the dual action polisher, with a W-8006 foam polishing pad on about the 4.0 setting.

Do this once, overlapping each coat by 50%. Do not work the product until it dissipates, but instead leave a nice thin coating while the product is still wet.

Then, allow to dry to a haze for approximately 15-20 minutes. Then remove using your softest microfiber polishing cloth, or a microfiber bonnet (http://www.meguiars.com/store_meguiars/product_detail.cfm?sku=m-99) on a clean, dry foam pad and remove with your PC.

Then, pull your car out into the sun and inspect by looking at the sun as it directly beats down on teh hood or deck lid.

If you still see swirls, that's a pretty good indicator you will need to use a cleaner polish like the Meguiar's #83 Dual Action Cleaner Polish (http://www.meguiars.com/store_meguiars/product_detail.cfm?sku=M-83) first and then follow with the NXT Tech Wax.

Remember, to look at how your finish looks in the sun before following the above procedure so that you have something to measure and compare against. If you can... take some pictures.

Here are some links to recent Corvette Detail Days at Meguiar's. At each one we applied the new NXT Tech Wax and I did my best to capture the results with my digital camera and post the raw photo's to the thread.

Corvette NXT Day at Meguiar's (http://www.showcargarage.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=580)

Corvettes Unlimited Day at Meguiar's (http://www.showcargarage.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=217)

As far as the ColorX (http://www.meguiars.com/whatsnew/colorx.cfm) goes, this is a powerful cleaner/wax formulated for neglected finishes. It will clean, polish and protect in one step. It works great, but I don't know if this is what you need for your Corvette's finish. Here's a link to a before and after I did by hand on a single stage metallic blue finish,

1986 Ford Bronco II - Extreme Makeover (http://www.meguiarsonline.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=88)

Mike :D

Mar 2nd, 2004, 03:30 AM
Thanks Mike for your ideas. I have one more question....

What do you think about me using the NXT and then the Gold Class as a "top coat". From what you wrote and from what I have read from others, that is what I was going to try. Let me know what you think.

I still have time. Although we have had some better than average weather...NE Ohio is still quite cold. I do not have a heated garage.....yet.

I have a Porter Cable 7" variable speed polisher. I do not/have not used it on the vette. I am afraid of the thin original paint and also all the curves of my C3 "shark body".

Thanks again!:D