View Full Version : NXT Tech Protectant is a good as Meguiar's claims!

Jul 15th, 2004, 01:17 PM
I just picked up the NXT Tech Protectant from Meguiar's Canada today, and used it on a section of my interior.

I've used Armor All, STP Son of a Gun, and more recently, Meguiar's Natural Shine. The tech protectant is by far the best protectant I've ever used! :xyxthumbs It is completely non-greasy. It dries to a rich dark colour and seems to "bond" to the interior plastics, rather than sit on top like the other protectants on the market. I am amazed. Yet another fantastic product from Meguiar's.

Now, if Canadian Tire would just start carrying more of the Meguiar's products so I wouldn't have to drive to Mississauga to get them!

Jul 15th, 2004, 01:39 PM
:iagree: I love NXT Tech Protectant!

As for the availability of Meguiar's products, I've been very tempted to take my camera to my local Meguiar's pro distributor (less than 5 miles from my house) to see if they would let me take a picture to post.

They have a whole (real) aisle of grocery store type shelving with Meguiar's products (consumer/pro/detailer lines-16oz, 32oz, gallons) and an end-cap with all of Meguiar's backing plates and pads.


There are several other Meguiar pro distributors in the Detroit area and some have a decent selection, but none like this place! :D

I guess I'm pretty lucky! :db: