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Glyn RS2
Mar 4th, 2004, 10:02 AM
I have just had my 1995 Audi RS2 repainted. It had a lot of stone chips to the front bumper and bonnet, care of the previous owner. I also had the numerous small car park dings repaired from both sides, so had them resprayed also. In the end I had the whole car repainted to ensure a perfect colour match and bring the whole exterior back up to concours standard. I think it was worth it as the RS2 is a pretty rare car with only 150 being sold in the UK out of a total of only 1800 worldwide (I don't think any made it to US at all). Anyway the car looks perfect now and I want to keep it that way.
The colour is Porsche Polar Silver (available on 993s 1994 - 1997).
I have a PC and have used #9 and #81 to good effect on my wife's clear coated pearlescent black VW Golf and my clear coated pearlescent blue VW Corrado. Usually finishing off with a coat of #26.
I am not planning on waxing the car for a good 3 months or so to make sure the paint is able to cure fully (also by then hopefully NXT will be available in the UK).
I would like some advice on how best to keep the paintwork perfect & if there is anything I can do to enhance the finish before I am able to give it a full wax.

Mike Phillips
Mar 4th, 2004, 11:27 AM
Hi Glyn RS2 and welcome to Meguiar's online!

Waiting for your paint to fully cure is a good idea because it's always best to follow the paint manufactures recommendations.

Until it is fully cured, you can apply any of these Meguiar's product because they are safe for fresh paint and actually used on fresh paint each and every day at the OEM level, and in body shops around the world.

· M-03 Machine Glaze
· M-05 New Car Glaze
· M-07 Show Car Glaze
· M-09 Swirl Remover
· M-80 Speed Glaze
· M-82 Swirl Free Polish
· M-81 Hand Polish
· A-21 Deep Crystal Polish

Out of the above products, I think you would really like using the #81 Hand Polish. It produces a wet-look shine and be applied by hand or with the PC using a W-8006 foam polishing pad.

Another choice would be the #80 Speed Glaze. Speed Glaze actually contains a paintable polymer which provides a little more protection than the other polishes without sealing the paint.

Both products are available in quarts. After the recommended cure time is over, I would highly recommend using the NXT Tech Wax and keeping your car's on regular maintenance programs. This will keep them looking new for the rest of the time you own them.

Hope this helps...


Tom MacDonald
Mar 4th, 2004, 11:30 AM
Congratulations on the new paint. I have seen a few of those cars in Southern California. Very sweet and fast....

All the information that I am going to give you is based off the assumption that this car will be garaged regularly, and protected with wax every 2 or 3 months.

To keep the car looking great until the paint is fully cured (about 3 months) I would recommed Show Car Glaze (M0716). This product is a pure polish and will not cause any problems while the paint completely cures. This product will feed the paint with oils giving it a nice "Wet" look, while allowing the paint to breath.
Meguiar's Quik Detailer and Final Inspection are two great products to help mantain the great look. You can use either one after the car is washed to enhence the look, or in between washes to remove light dust.

Once the paint is cured I would use the new NXT Wax on the finish. It should be availible in your area by summer or sooner. NXT will keep you car looking great.


Mike Phillips
Mar 4th, 2004, 11:38 AM
Just so there is no confusion, Tom's advise is also excellent, I chose #81 Hand Polish over #7 Show Car Polish just because it's more formulated for use on clear coats and many people find it easier to remove.

#7 Show Car Glaze is on the list of polishes I included in my post above as being safe for fresh paint and will also produce a deep, wet-looking shine.

Clear as mudd?

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Glyn RS2
Mar 4th, 2004, 11:37 PM
Thanks for the advice.
I think I will give it a go with the #81. I am not sure whether to try it by hand first or use the PC. I guess the thing to do would be to do a small test area first by hand. I have always been very impressed with the PC, it manages to give such an even and thin coat of product and at the same time is very gentle in its action.
I will check with the bodyshop to see what paint manufacturer they use, as I know this can make a great deal of difference particularly with the clear coat. The clear coat on my wife's 2002 VW is very soft, this has the advantage of resisting stone chips but means it will pick up minor scratches & swirls very easily. I find these are easily removed by #9 and the PC.
The car is garaged but used daily. They all have a weekly wash and I tend to give each of them a full detail every 4 weeks or so.
I have given the quick detailer a go and have been really impressed with the way it removes dust between washes. I was at a car show last year and it was really dusty, but the quick detailer just lifted it all straight off in a couple of minutes leaving the car looking like I had just spent hours on it again.