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Mike Phillips
Dec 21st, 2007, 12:41 PM
The Term "Dual Action" as it relates to M83 Dual Action Cleaner Polish (http://meguiarsonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20877)

From time to time we hear people say that the words Dual Action used in the name of M83 Dual Action Cleaner/Polish indicate that the product is formulated for use with the Porter Cable Dual Action polisher. We guess the reason some people think this is of course is because the Porter Cable tool uses the words Dual Action in the name to describe the action of their polisher.

Great coincidence but our use of the words Dual Action to describe one of our products has no tie to the fact that Porter Cable uses the words Dual Action to describe one of their products.

Here's what the words Dual Action mean as they relate to Meguiar's M83, as well as any of our products that contain diminishing abrasive. Note the word diminishing, as often times we read people on other forums describe our products as containing abrasives but leave out the word diminishing and that little word is crucial to conveying the idea behind how and why our product work so well.

The words Dual Action in the name of M83 means the product inside the bottle has 2 actions. When you first start out using the product it has a cleaning action as the diminishing abrasives abrade the paint removing small particles of it usually in an effort to remove some type of below surface defect such as swirls, scratches and etchings. As the diminishing abrasives are worked against the surface they break down, or disintegrate into nothingness.

Because they are embodied in a rich lubricating film that includes Meguiar's Trade Secret Polishing Oils, the action changes from abrading to polishing. This polishing action is the result of the both the rich lubricating film and the application material being moved over the surface whether it's rotary buffer, a dual action polisher or by hand. It's important to remember also that the type of application material being used to apply the product is always a factor as it relates to the quality of the end-results, that is to say there's a huge difference in polishing results when a product is applied with a wool cutting pad versus a soft finishing foam pad.

Point being, the words dual action means there are two actions taking place one is cleaning or abrading at the beginning of the process and the other being finish polishing where the surface is brought to an even higher level of quality in gloss and overall appearance.

Now here's the part that escapes most people who are not completely up to speed on Meguiar's paint care products,

All Meguiar's cleaner/polishes are "Dual Action" products. That means that,

M83 Dual Action Cleaner Polish (http://www.meguiars.com/?pro-cleaner-polishs/Body-Shop-Professional-Dual-Action-Cleaner-Polish)
M82 Swirl Free Polish
M80 Speed Glaze (http://www.meguiars.com/?pro-cleaner-polishs/Speed-Glaze)
M09 Swirl Remover 2.0 (http://www.meguiars.com/?pro-cleaner-polishs/Swirl-Remover)

all of which are in the category Meguiar's created called, "Cleaner/Polishes", (Near as we can tell technically the first cleaner/polish introduced to the market was M09 in the early 1980's a few years after basecoat/clearcoat systems had become the new standard in the re-finishing industry.

M02 and M09 were coupled as a solution to the swirl problems associated with trying to buff clear coat paints the traditional way single stage paints were buffed which was producing results unacceptable by the public. In a nutshell, coarse compounds and glazes used with wool cutting and finishing pads just weren't working, M02 and M09 with wool and foam pads did work back then and still work today).

Meguiar's cleaner/polishes are ALL Dual Action products, that is each of these products starts out cleaning and then end up polishing to a high gloss and this is true whether they have the words "Dual Action" on the label or not, and it's true whether they are used with a Porter Cable Dual Action Polisher or with a Rotary buffer or by hand.

If you like, you can think of the titles on these bottles like this,

M83 Dual Action Cleaner Polish
M82 Dual Action Swirl Free Polish
M80 Dual Action Speed Glaze
M09 Dual Action Swirl Remover 2.0

We hope this clears up any confusion some people may have over the words dual action as they are used for M83 Dual Action Cleaner/Polish and the misconception that the name was created to imply they are formulated specifically for the Porter Cable Dual Action Polisher as this just isn't the case but it's easy to see why some people could make this association.


Technically, our compounds and paint cleaners and even our cleaner/waxes are all dual action products as they all contain various types of diminishing abrasives and correctly used the start out cleaning, or abrading the surface, and then polishing the surface to a higher level of finish quality.

Note: Our compounds are not formulated for use with dual action polishers like our G100 also called the PC, neither are all of our paint cleaners. Be sure to read directions on the label before using and when in doubt call our Customer Care Hotline, (800-347-570), or post your questions to our forum.

Just to point out, Meguiar's pioneered the use of diminishing abrasives for removing defects without instilling defects at the same time with their very first product, Meguiar's Mirror Bright Furniture and Woodwork Cleaner.

MBF-1 Mirror Bright Furniture and Woodwork Cleaner (http://meguiarsonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21721)



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