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Mike Phillips
Feb 29th, 2008, 11:48 AM
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Here's a friendly tip...

When seeking information on a discussion forum, try to limit your questions in a single message to about 3 questions. This makes it easier for everyone to chime in and help you with good, solid, detailed answers and do this rather quickly. Starting a new thread and in it asking a long list of questions can seem like you'll get you questions out there for answering in one post and while this can seem like a good idea, it reduces the quality and volume of replies because it tends to overwhelm people that want to help you with good answers.

It's all too easy to type of a message that looks like this?

I just bought my first brand new car and I have a thousand questions?

What's the best way to wash my car?
Which car wash is the best?
What's the best wash mitt and chamois for me to use?
Do you recommend using a water blade?
How much soap do I add to my water?
What about the wheels and tires?
Do I need a special wheel cleaner? Or can I use my car wash to wash the wheels and tires?
I don't have a place to wash my car at my apartment, does anyone have any tips for washing my car at the local do it yourself car wash?
What about those 100% Hand Car Washes? Do they do a good job?
Would I be better off to take it to a car wash or wash it myself?
What's a Grit Guard? Do I need one? Where can I get one?
What about water spots? I didn't get all the water off before it dried and now I notice water spots on my paint? How do I get rid of these?
Will clay remove water spots?
Should I clay my after washing it but while it's still wet? What's the best way to do that?
After I washed my car what's the next step?
Which products do I need for my car?
Do I have to wait for 90 days before I can wax it?
My car is brand new but I notice in the sun the paint already has swirls in it? How to I get rid of these?
Does claying remove swirls?

It's so easy to type up a message and load it full of questions, all great questions by the way, but for the people who are going to try to answer your questions it makes it a nightmare to answer them all in a single reply and even in multiple replies.

Here's a tip...

If you have a lot of questions, try to group a few similar questions into one message and then post that single message. You'll find when you limit your questions to around 3 questions you'll get better answers that are more complete, more technical and with clickable links to more reading and pictures. If you ask lots of question in a single message it will cause people that would normally be inclined to help by answering them to click away because of the typing time and typing work it will require to simply format answers to all the questions.

By only asking a few questions in a single message you help yourself get the information you're looking for faster with higher quality replies.

If you have more related questions to the first ones you posted, then you can ask them as follow-up questions.

When your topic is changing, for example switching from questions about washing a car to questions about removing swirls, then start a new thread with 2, 3, maybe 4 questions to start with.

Just a friendly tip! :bigups


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