View Full Version : Convertible top temporary repair

May 29th, 2008, 12:07 AM
I have a ragtop with a "StayFast" top. A kind of material that is a thick woven fabric with a layer of rubber underneath. Google for the exact kind of material on yours.

After 11 years, the top is still in good condition (keep a convertible in a garage I tell ya). But a couple of spots, the rubber is worn and I can see light seeping when I look from the inside. Outside is fine. I have made temporary repairs by using those elbow patches they sell at fabric stores, applied with an iron. This way the outside is undisturbed and this should hold u over until u are ready for a brand new top.

Depends on the spot, u may find it tough to get an household iron in there but good luck, and u probly need a buddy to help u hold a plank on the other side while u apply the iron. Follow patch's instructions.

If temporary outside repairs are needed, google, I saw one that repairs small whooops on the outside.