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Aug 29th, 2004, 01:00 PM
I recently purchaced a PC to try and get some scratches out of my 2004 Black Corvette. I tried using a polishing pad with DACP and made the scratches a lot less noticeable but when I took it out in the sun it had what I guess you would call micromarring. I posted a question about this recently but it was lost on the weekend the website was hacked. I was advised to use Speed Glaze #80 or the Swirl free polish #82. I decided to try using both. I started with the #80 using a polishing pad and finished with #82 using a finishing pad. I did this at the end of the day because I have to work outside and is the only time it is shady. So when I finished it looked great. That is until I took it out in the sun and it still has the very fine small scratches instead of the crystal clear finish the rest of the car has. I went over a slightly larger area than when I originally did with just the DACP and I have the marring on that area as well so I guess the speed glaze did that also. I cant understand what I am doing wrong. I have the PC set to 5. Maybe I should use only the finishing pad with both products or maybe I need to work it in longer.
This is driving me crazy. Help!!

Mike Phillips
Aug 30th, 2004, 02:54 PM
Hi Planefixer,

I remember your name, and your post. It must have been lost due to the back-up that was used to reload the data base to insure there were no unknown back-doors due to the hack attack. The hacker never touched the MOL database, the back up was installed as a safety precaution.

I apologize for the loss of your post and everyone else's.

As to your problem, after using the #83 DACP with the W-8006 foam polishing pad, switch to a finer cleaner/polish like the #82 or the #80 Speed Glaze and work it in at the 4.0 setting.

After that, apply your choice of wax and then inspect. Polishing the clear coat paint over black base coat using only a PC will give you better results than polishing by hand, but sometimes it will require a coat of wax to carry your results to the highest level of flawlessness.

I'll tell you one thing, that Corvette paint is hard paint!