View Full Version : Thoughts about NXT 2.0 and the long term

Aug 1st, 2008, 07:00 PM
I've been meaning to create this post, primarily for lurkers and noobs because those who regularly use NXT will probably be familiar with what I'm about to post.

I've been using NXT 2.0 for about 5 months now and I figure I've seen enough of it to be able to comment about it. In the past, I've tried almost every Meguiars wax, along with many OTC competitors and numerous "boutique" waxes/sealants, so I base this comparison on 18 years of recreational detailing.

One of my cars is garage parked, the other car, a silver Honda CR-V is a daily driver, parked outside and subject to typical conditions in the northeast. Never, in all my years of detailing have I seen a LSP perform as well as NXT 2.0 at keeping my car looking and feeling clean. It is really amazing.

Wifey's CR-V has not been washed in about 3 weeks and I'm just amazed at how clean the car looks. It has been sitting in rain, had a few bird bombs hit it (quickly taken care of with QD) and scorched by the sun, yet it looks like I just washed it (except for the wheels, tires and wheel wells).

I felt especially compelled to write this when one of my neighbors approached me tonight and said, "why does your wife's car always look clean and shiny". I responded by opening my garage and pointing at my the Meguiars store inside my garage. While I probably didn't make a convert, I certainly made my point.

In all my years of detailing, IMHO I've never seen a better LSP than NXT 2.0.