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the newbie
Sep 20th, 2004, 02:03 AM
if you guys wondered why you didn't hear anything from me,the last two weeks,i was on a holiday.
it was a bit unexpected,so that's why i didn't announce it.
when i got back,last saturday,a regular called me,and said he wanted his car spotless,and in the best shape possible,because his new car would arrive next monday,and he wanted to sell his car private.(personally,i think the goodbye was to hard for him,and he can afford to keep the car,but reason made his mind up,to sell it ,but that was before i detailled it..)

alltough he comes in regular,the car is kept outside,and the owner is allways short on time,so sometimes i call him,to ask (remind) him that the car could use a new coat of wax.
i pick the car up,and leave my porsche for emergency's,you won't believe where i drove to change the cars back.
but he pays good money,and allways conform agreements,and he's a nice customer to serve.
a couple of months before,i did the car when he was on vacation,just the day before he got back.he called me first thing when he arrived,just to tell me how happy he was with the clean car.( i have the spare key,and remote all the time,so he can allways call me,to say where i can pick it up,and detail it)

this time it was about two months ago that it was properly washed,and there were water stains all over the car,and his wife scratched the trunk lid by putting a grocery box on it .......


in stride against water stains and scratches,i forgot to make a pic of the trunk when it was done,i first clayed the whole car,then dacp on the trunk,
after that i used body scrub on the whole car,followed by a fresh coat of nxt............





oh,and before i forget,here's the before picture:


also the inside got a good clean up,i vacumed it,cleaned the carpets,and treated the leather with gold class leather cleaner/conditioner,

when i returned the car,i saw on his face that he was very impressed with the result,and it could be that the benz is not leaving yet.wondering what he bought as a follow up?
well,not hard to guess,of course a benz again,this time a sedan,c 220 cdi.
not bad,i wouldn't mind driving it myself.
well,that's it for now,


Lynn Matthews
Sep 20th, 2004, 07:22 AM
Looking' Good! :xyxthumbs

Do you have any interior shots?


Mike Phillips
Sep 20th, 2004, 09:23 AM
Originally posted by the newbie
and his wife scratched the trunk lid by putting a grocery box on it .......

:eek: :eek: :eek:

I'd say I run into this a couple of times a month at our Saturday detailing clinics. It's always the person that doesn't do the detailing that sets the box or grocery bag on the hood or the trunk lid and then as they remove it, they drag it across the finish.

If nothing else, it provides for an excellent way to demonstrate how to remove scratches!

:D :D :D


the newbie
Sep 20th, 2004, 12:06 PM

i took 2 shots of the interior,but they went bad,because i don't really "know" photography.
i was really proud of the interior part too,because i usually only do outsides,and when the inside is really dusty,i vacuum it,and do a bit of nxt protection on the dash,and that's basically it.i do this as a little extra,and don't charge for it.
tomorrow,a guy from another part of the netherlands comes overhere,do have his toyota corolla sedan detailed.
the car is about 7 years old,but he just got it a couple of months,and he is irritated by the swirls and scratches in the paint.
i met him in my vacation,and he asked me how i managed to keep my car so nice.
i told him that i detail cars as a side job,he asked me to take a look at his ride,and wanted me to clean it.
alltough he's not so far away,he has to make a trip of 60 miles,and get a day of,to get it done,and he didn't hesitate for a moment.
i think this could be a regular too.

nice thing about him is: he works at a shop that sells digital cams,so he knows how they really work,maybe he can give me some tips about taking pics,
because if i'm really honest,if i look at the before and after pics of the benz,i can't see a world of difference,but you can take my word for it,that the car looked much better then when it came.



Sep 20th, 2004, 12:46 PM
:) looks very good Rick... keep up that good work around here in Holland :xyxthumbs