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Feb 22nd, 2009, 03:20 PM
I have used Meguiar's Deep Crystal Step1 Paint Cleaner and Step 2 Paint Polish in the past. After doing some research here on the forums, I wonder if I have been getting the most out of the products. I know that I should not allow either the cleaner or polish to dry on the surface.

First, for the Paint Cleaner:
1. How large of a section should I work at one time? Usually I work the roof as one section, the hood as another, each door, etc. as a section. Should I break up those into even smaller sections? Such as breaking up the hood into 4 areas?
2. How much does this product need to be worked into the paint. Do I pass over each section once or twice, or continually work the product into the paint in different directions? How do I know when to stop working the cleaner into a given section?

On the Paint Polish:
1. Would the same rules of sectioning the car apply to this step as well?
2. Does this need to be worked into the paint in the same way as the cleaner or is this more of a wipe on and wipe off?

I usually use either 100% terry cloth towels or MF towels purchased at the local auto parts store (Usually Advance Auto). Are these towels of sufficient quality or should I be looking somewhere else for towels.

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.

Feb 22nd, 2009, 04:10 PM
1. You want to try to focus on about 1.5 by 1.5 foot squares to work the product in. Now, you can do as many squares as you want until you need to remove the product.

2. DC1 is a mild cleaner, so it is not as if putting more effort in will remove more swirls. If you have a defect to remove, it would be best to work in another product. So you really just want to be sure to work the product into the paint enough to get a good cleaning action. Working in 2 directions is a good idea, or working in overlapping circles, etc.

3. Yeah, pretty much, dont want to try to work too large of an area.

4. it isnt wipe on, more of a rub in.

5. Do the ysee mto be causing swirls in your paint? hat would be an indicator. Most of us here will use the Supreme Shine towels to remove products by hand. And then the yellow Hi-Tec Foam Applicators to apply products.