View Full Version : Removing Oxidation on RV with smooth fiberglass sides

Apr 15th, 2009, 07:13 AM
:dunnoMy husband was going to wax our RV last fall(fortunately he only did half of one side before he tried rubbing it out). He couldn't get it rubbed out. All he got was hazy swirls. We then tried scrubbing the wax off with dish detergent and water and Simple Green and water but nothing would get rid of it. He had washed it first but evidently not well enough because the neighbor man, who works on automobiles, came over and looked at it and said it was oxidation. He gave us something that was supposed to remove it but it didn't work. I told my husband we would have to get a new RV but from the look I got I don't think this is an option! HELP!

Mike Phillips
Apr 15th, 2009, 08:04 AM
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You need to use a quality compounding product to remove the oxidation while at the same time restoring the gloss. Simple compounds will remove the oxidation but will tend to scour the finish and leave it dull and hazy.

Do you know of a Marine Supply store that carries Meguiar's Marine and RV products?

Do you have any kind of electric buffer?