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Mar 19th, 2004, 04:05 PM
I think this is where I should put this topic…

Well I have received my Quick Suds today and I used them today!

Here is my review.... It is a very unique product, after opening the package I noticed the good smell, kind of smelled like candy to me... I was about to take a bite then I remembered I needed to wash my truck. So I dropped the strip in the bucket and started to spray water in the bucket, it suds up immediately with plenty of them! I was careful not to add more than a gallon of water as the package said. After washing part of my truck and rinsing I did notice there were a few tiny pieces of the strip here and there on my truck. I think I should have agitated the water in the bucket a little more prior to washing, this is something I will keep in mind next time I use the product.

Over all it’s a good product and does the job nicely, it doesn’t seem to glide over the paint as well as Gold Class Car Wash Soap (my favorite). I would compare it to the Deep Crystal Car Wash Soap (an old favorite). It suds up very well and seeps to clean well. I tend to use a lot of soap and water so I think two or three strips would work better for me one did not last the entire truck. When using Gold Class I do 3oz soap to 3 gallons of water for my entire truck. I am still going to stick with Gold Class but the Quick Suds defiantly has a place in the market and they are exactly as they say quick and easy!

rusty bumper
Mar 19th, 2004, 07:30 PM
I like to use very warm water to wash a car with...Maybe it would help to break down the strips better.

I'm still waiting on mine to get here. I missed the deadline, but Meg's gave me a pack with an order...Plus a T-Shirt & free shipping.