View Full Version : Products/Steps after wetsanding, soft clear

Sep 22nd, 2009, 08:52 AM
I'm in the process of repainting my Jeep a garnet metallic color. I'm having fairly good results so far for my first time doing this. I am shooting two wet coats of polyurethane clear. The paint is fairly soft (being new and all) and quite easy to work. I did the doors, sanded with 1500 then 2000, and then hit it with 3M rubbing compound on a wool pad, then Meguiars #2 Fine Cut on a Foam cutting pad, and then SwirlX on a firm foam finishing pad, all by rotary, with great results. The #2 really gave a huge boost in color, clarity, and reflection from just the rubbing compound, and left only a fine swirl. It did great at removing the holograms from the rubbing compound and wool pad. After a light run with Swirl X, it looked fantastic.

Anyway, when I tackle the rest of the parts, I'm wondering if I should give any other products/steps a shot.

I know the M105/205 combo is popular, but I don't have it yet and want to use up what I have first.

Should I try substituting the UC in for the first step after the 2000 grit, instead of the 3M rubbing compound? I haven't been happy with the working time of the 3M rubbing compound, but it does take out the sanding marks rather quickly. Can I still use UC on a wool pad? Should I continue using the #2 with the foam cutting pad on the rotary given its good results?

Michael Stoops
Sep 22nd, 2009, 03:05 PM
Ultimate Compound is not recommend for use with a rotary buffer, although some have reported good results doing so. M105 on a wool pad followed by M205 on a foam light polishing or even finishing pad will give tremendous clarity after some very fast cutting. And the buffing cycle on M205 is crazy long - it's really wonderful to work with.

But.... you've gotten great results with M02 Fine Cut and results are hard to argue with. But that M205..... wow.