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Soakin' Joe's
Oct 15th, 2009, 04:31 AM
Most Important: Don't ever push with any force at all on your paint!
You cannot let any water stand on black paint especially in FL with the hot sun. You have to keep the paint clean all the time because with black its all downhill when your driving it daily. Most daily driven black cars should be sealed and heavily waxed. I recommend monthly @ minimum if You want to avoid having to wet sand and buff to remove the "acid etch" that will happen. Remember don't push hard! Only use microfiber, and If you car has spots don't try to wipe them off. When you paint is cool to the touch start with a thorough wash with a gentle car wash soap, dry it gently with a microfiber drying towel and the spots should be gone. Follow with a gentle & mild clay bar and solid coat of wax. Do not apply the wax in circles either. With a microfiber applicator and a wax without cleaners, attack a 2x2 area at a time with gentle and even front to back swipes, and don't push hard at all! One trick you may be interested in is to always use a new wash mitt, I not only use a new wash mitt for every wash but also have two different mitts for one car, one I use for the top of the vehicle and the other for the sides. This is important so you reduce the possibility to scratch the hood, roof or truck lid with any contaminants that have been washed off of the side of the vehicle. Also the type of wash mitt is important, don't use a brush or a sponge, I recommend a soft wool wash mitt so the dirt doesn't have a chance to stay on the surface of the mitt. Remember your paint should not have swirl marks, if it does call a professional that has a proven track record with black paint and swirl removal. Most will only cover up the problem when what you need is a detailer that will remove them. A cover up job in FL probably runs around $200 and a removal job depending on the vehicle can run from $300- $1000 from an experienced detailer.

Michael Stoops
Oct 15th, 2009, 06:21 AM
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