View Full Version : Minimum Temperature to Apply NXT?

Mar 21st, 2004, 11:04 AM
As things begin to warm up, this question won't matter much longer. But is there a temperature range that you need to be in to apply NXT?

It's 34 outside and probably in the 40's in my garage -- is that too cold to be applying this product? I have spare time and have been thinking about putting on a second coat.

Mar 21st, 2004, 01:12 PM
I've used it a 30 degrees, no problems.

Mar 21st, 2004, 04:51 PM
I think i read somewhere that 50 deg or better is best.

Mar 22nd, 2004, 03:24 PM
Originally posted by GearHead_1
I've used it a 30 degrees, no problems.

You guys are some crazy mofos! I'll be waiting for those nice sunny 60 degree days to detail my stang!

Mar 22nd, 2004, 05:01 PM
Sometimes they just get so dirty I can't stand it, then I see the salt and can't help but put some protection on them.