View Full Version : What to use after M50 Cleaner Wax?

No Mas
Mar 12th, 2010, 02:01 PM
I have a white-hulled boat that I just waxed with the M50 Cleaner Wax. The boat was very lightly oxidized in some places, but overall in pretty good shape. After waxing the boat with the M50, everything looks great - nice and shiny again, but I have a couple of questions on what my next steps should be.

After completing the boat with the M50, does it make sense to now put a coat of the M56 Pure Wax on top of the M50? Will this provide an additional level of protection against the Florida sun and saltwater, or would this be mainly an exercise in labor with no additional benefit over the M50 base coat?

Secondly, over time saltwater causes a yellowing of the hull below the waterline. In the past, I have cleaned the yellowing from the boat using MaryKate's On/Off product, an acid which immediately removes the yellow stains. However, it seems the more you use the On/Off, the faster the hull yellows the next time around. My guess is the On/Off enlarges the pores in the gel coat, hence the faster yellowing. In an effort to slow the yellowing process and keep the bottom of the boat white and in good condition, does Meguiars have a product I can use below the waterline that might help slow the yellowing? Would wax or polish on the hull bottom help in this situation?

BY the way, the boat is stored indoors high & dry in a boat barn, so there's no bottom paint on the boat. Thanks for any tips you can provide. I'm a nut about the keeping the boat looking good and these yellow stains reappear so fast they drive me crazy.

Mar 12th, 2010, 02:57 PM
Yeah, one of the Flagship waxes would be a great choice to follow up.

That is what the paint/gel coat cleaner, or cleaner/wax will be for, to safely remove any staining.

Michael Stoops
Mar 12th, 2010, 03:42 PM
That MaryKate product is very potent, as you well know, so any wax you do apply to that area is going to be wiped out the next time you spray it on. If you currently are not using anything on this area of the boat for protection, you might want to try our Ultimate Quik Wax from our automotive line. It is super fast and easy to apply and because of the very unique polymers in it, it is very tenacious for a spray wax. No, it won't hold up to the acid wash you're doing, but it might prevent you from having to do that as often.

As for using anything on top of the M50, you don't really need to salt water, just as salted roads in the snow belt, is pretty harsh on any wax. You might want to try our Flagship Premium Marine Wax as a topper, or even just as a regular maintenance product once a month or so, depending on how often you take the boat out.