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Apr 26th, 2010, 06:44 AM
Hi All! First post - wish that I had found this forum last year after I accidentally drove through a freshly tarred spot on a gravel road!

I have a 25' fiberglass camper that is in its 4th season of camping and have what I estimate (with nothing really to compare to) mild oxidation on the rear and side panels and moderate oxidation on the front panel. I am looking for products and methods to restore the finish, remove black and white streaks, and not damage the decals. I have read on an RV forum that I am a member of that you need to be careful of what you use so that the decals do not fade and peel. I have been using Protectall.



Jun 5th, 2011, 04:37 AM
Since no one else has replied I'll give this a shot. Understand I don't begin to have the expertise some of the others have on here.

Mine was 10 years old and I used the Boat/RV refurbish kit. I also used a buffer and the colored pad system (had someone else's name on it -ooops) :-). As bizzarre as this might sound the products worked GREAT and the catch is AS THE INSTRUCTIONS SAY TO USE THEM! I found that to be quite novel! :-)

Some of it worked great with the machine, some of it worked better by hand, and the application levels and "wait time" on the instructions were spot on (imagine!).

As for the striping its why I am on the list and there is a thread hidden somewhere that explains just that. Seems that the Ultimate Detailer is the product of choice for the sterotypical vinyl striping refurbish. That is actually today's project.

Good luck!