View Full Version : help with buffing fiberglass motorcycle tank (just gelcoat)

May 3rd, 2010, 09:17 PM
I have a fiberglass motorcycle tank that is finished in a nice glossy black gelcoat... Instead of painting it, i decided to keep the gelcoat for now this riding season (side question: is painting it black over the black gelcoat a better option if i want to keep black look longterm, or keeping gelcoat is fine ?).

Anyway, my superbike handlebars are a bit low and the throttle cable scratched up the tank a lil on the side ( btw I put electric black tape where my throttle cable comes out so it doesnt scratch anymore when parking the bike with 'extreme' right turns where it hits the tank slightly)...

I was curious how to buff those scratched areas out?
Maybe wet-sand the tank where scratched and use some sort of gelcoat polish/wax or sealant?
I use alot of Meguiars products, but if i need something else, let me know (as i was thinking fiberglass/gelcoat seems to be more up marine product's ally).