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Sep 23rd, 2010, 09:36 AM
After a 4 year hiatus I am back in the saddle! I owned CBR's in the past with plastic fairings being my primary surface...so it was super easy to keep clean. Now I have a CB919 which is deemed a naked sprotbike. It has a few plastic fairings, but is mostly engine ( tough as nails looking, I love it ). Anyway, with my full-fairing bikes I literally cleaned it by hand with Honda Polish (this is before I knew the goodness of Meg's).

My question is, what procedure are you guys using for bikes with exposed engines? I feel odd just taking my hose to it and then scrubbing with a hand mit and gold class...is there anything I need to look out for with regards to the water? i was thinking the blower might come in handy here to dry all the nooks and crannies.

Bill Davidson
Sep 23rd, 2010, 09:57 AM
Hi Honda, I have owned a naked bike for 10 years (Suzuki Bandit 1200). I suggest you get on a Honda forum regarding what not to get wet, but generally bikes are sealed up pretty well. Stay away from the spark plugs with water. Although the boots are designed to seal the water out, their almost horizontal orientation can lead to water entering into the plug housing. They were never meant to take the blast of a water hose.

Make sure your bike is cold when you are washing it. Do not spray any chemicals on a hot/warm surface.

You are going to want to get some detailing brushes, the type that look like paint brushes.

There is nothing wrong with just using car wash soap to wash the bike, but yes water sitting is your biggest enemy. There are just to many places for it to puddle. I'd suggest an air compressor/gun.

You may want to use some All Purpose Cleaner mixed at 10:1 once in a while. Agitate the areas with a brush and rinse.

You should also look at getting a Quik wax. Perhaps someone else can recommend one, I personally don't use them.