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Mad iX
Feb 7th, 2005, 08:52 PM
On Sunday I set off to detail the car (sorry no pics right now). #1 on the agenda was to get rid of the swirl marks.

The swirl marks aren't visible in normal daylight or 1000w of halogen lights but are very obvious at the right angles under direct sunlight or incandescent lighting.

With a DA and a polishing pad, I used #83 first on about an area about 1/4 of my whole hood and the DA set at 3. After a few minutes, there was a visible reduction but not all gone yet. This was done with moderate pressure, not much more than the weight of the DA itself.

After this, it all went downhill. I moved on to the next 1/4 area of my hood and could see no difference after 5 minutes. Confused, I went on to the next area and still no dice. Switched to a fresh polishing pad and ... still nothing???

I started using the DA at 7 and *lots* of pressure. So much so that my shoulders hurt after about 15 minutes. But in those 15 minutes I had done the entire roof and the boot. Lots of pressure and going really slow (1cm in 5 secs) I had removed 90+% of the swirl marks.

I have the Meguiar's video and while it mostly rotaty buffer techniques, I used the same technique. Light pressure and covering the area not too quickly but not too slowly either.

What's up? I hate to think how much paint I'm removing with the high DA speed and pressure but it doesn't seem to work otherwise.

Anyway, I didn't go back to the hood again so it's still full of swirls, while my roof and boot are looking sweet. I put a coat of NXT on after that and it's very shiny and reflective. Overall very good look except for the swirls on the hood and doors. I'll try to get pics.

Tom MacDonald
Feb 8th, 2005, 01:00 PM
Sorry about the trouble you experienced while trying to remove swirls from your finish. Here are a couple rules for swirls that may explain why you are unable to remove some of them.

Generally, if swirls are put in with a High Speed (Rotary) Buffer. They will need to be removed with a rotary as well. The exception is obviously the trunk of your car. Because rotary buffers run at a higher speed (1500-2000rpm's) and pads and products are more aggressive, they can leave more severe swirls in the paint. All the pressure and product in the world with a G-100 will not remove them.

If you have not used a rotary, you may want to take the car to a detail shop for this step, then you can take it from there with your G100 machine.

Hope this information is helpful, sorry you had to do all that work.