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Michael Stoops
May 21st, 2011, 06:51 AM

Advanced Class - Pictures & Comments
Meguiar's Car Care 201
Saturday May 21, 2011

Class starts in a few minutes - we'll have pictures later in the weekend. Feel free to post your comments about the class here as well.

Michael Stoops
May 23rd, 2011, 07:40 AM
What a great class we had over the weekend!

As always, we started out with a class room presentation discussing theory and technique, and then moved out to the garage for some hands on training.

This is part of the arsenal we put to use:


Our goal was to take test panels in good condition, damp sand them with 1500 grit finishing media, refine that with 3000 grit finishing media, then compound and polish to perfection. Or as close as possible -we don't necessarily expect perfection on someone's first go-round. But these guys did an outstanding job all around - so kudos to the whole lot of you!

Here we discuss the differences between sanding discs and finishing discs (it's the integrated foam in the finishing disc that makes the difference).


We start out damp sanding with 1500 grit....


... using overlapping strokes, light pressure, and good rotation of the disc.


On the right side is after 1500 grit, and the left side is after refining with 3000 grit - you can see the gloss starting to come back already, and we haven't even put a buffer and M105 to it yet. Can you see how much easier it will be to compound out that 3000 grit sanding mark rather than the 1500 grit marks?


Once we refined out the sanding marks fully, we moved to the rotary buffer, wool pad and M105 - but we made sure the pad was clean first, of course. A pad washer or spur work great for pad cleaning before use, during use, and when you're done with the project.



Picking up a bead of M105


Working in overlapping strokes, 1800 rpm and only light pressure.


First pass and things are definitely looking shiny again.


We also discussed the differences between compounding with wool versus foam, and gave the guys a chance to use both. Here we're getting set to clean the foam cutting pad with a pad brush, but the pad washer works well too.


Putting the foam cutting pad to use - notice the relaxed hold on the buffer. A death grip is not needed! Be firmly in control, yes, but don't tense up.


We then followed up with M205 on a foam finishing pad.


Like a mirror!


After the demo, it was time for the guys to cut loose and try all these process for themselves.


Yes, it's as much fun as it looks - and you could be doing this at the next class!



OK, maybe not the perfect way to pick up a bead of compound, but we've seen worse. Much worse. Truth be told, we've all done worse!!


Now that is some nice, uniform sanding!





Thanks to everyone for spending a beautiful Saturday sanding and buffing paint with us!

Jun 1st, 2011, 01:20 PM

Another GREAT CLASS! Just wanted to say thank you again and sorry about the burned clear coat! :nervous1

You continue to represent Meguiar's with true professionalism and care!

Thank you for your great teaching and sharing your knowledge!

Thank you!