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The Wash Doc
Jun 21st, 2011, 06:42 PM
This apparently is a homemade carpet extractor (Not Mine, Found Pics On Internet) that I'd really like to know if this would work any good?! I really don't have a couple grand to throw out right now for a hot water carpet extractor and I hate using Bissell's Little Green Machine. I have my own mobile detailing buisness and really need a good way to clean carpets of customers vehicles. Heres the Pics.

This is a picture of tubing coming from a Shurflo diaphragm pump, going into a old "greased lightning" 5gallon bottle which is used as the solution tank with water and carpet cleaner.

This is the Shurflo diaphragm pump that is used to pump solution water out of the hose going through the platform, and goes on through to a 40ft tube

He has it hooked straight up to the vehicles battery, using a toggle switch to cut it on and off

The other side of the pump with the 40ft hose.......

.....that goes all the way out the back of his mobile detailing van....

...and here's where it looks like he added some couplings to the end of the hose, kinda like ones that are on pressure washers. Shop Vac comes into play on next picture.

He said he bought a carpet extractor wand tool for like $70.00 and fit it into his shop vac hose like it was made for it! He even cut a hole through the end of the hose coupling so that the tubing thats pumping the carpet cleaner solution can fit inside to hook up directly to extractor wands nozzle sprayer


Jun 24th, 2011, 04:19 AM
If it doesn't leak all over the place, it would work better than doing all your spraying by hand and then vacuuming as a second step.

But I doubt it will do the same job as a true extractor. Extractors have a lot more suction power and will get the carpet/upholstery much more dry than a shop vac. That cuts your drying time and the need for fans/blowers.

Also, decent extractors have heaters to heat your extraction solution to increase the effectiveness of the whole process.

Those two things are the real benefits of an extractor: Hot solution means better cleaning in less time and more suction means drier surfaces after cleaning so you can get done sooner. Better results in less time means more $ per hour for the guy doing the job.

If you are looking for a project that will cut a few minutes out of the process of doing it all by hand, that setup might be a half-step toward purchasing a true extractor. I'm all for the low budget approach (if it works), but unless you already have all those parts laying around, you would be better off saving your money for a true extractor.

Just my .02, but I used to clean residential and commercial carpet. There is nothing more aggravating than a cruddy extractor.

Aug 2nd, 2011, 11:53 PM
Stonegrinder hit the nail on the head. I am replying to let you in on a few brands I had great luck with: one was the Mytee Lite II heated Soil Extractor (About 700 bucks), and if you want to go to bargain but it does work the Bissell Autocare Proheat. The bissell is about 100 bux and heats the tap water an additonal 25-30 degrees. It is by no means as powerful as a true extractor, but with more effort gets the job done suprisingly well! I bought one years ago, and could not tell you how many cars I detailed till it "blew up." A true extractor costs more upfront, but you get it back fast! On average a very soiled interior carpet, and upholestry would take ten minutes. Not to mention they have chemicals or odor bombs you can mix to rid any interior odor. A word of caution if the carpet is heavily soiled, a cheap extractor will set an organic stain further into the carpet if your not careful. In other words you have to spray the upholstry and carpet first with expensive pre-treats. Hope this helps