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Michael Stoops
Oct 24th, 2011, 07:22 AM
We might have had a small group this time around, but the high level of enthusiasm more than made up for it. A big thank you to the guys from Cal Poly SLO who made the long drive down for the day!

Our demo car for this session was a 2004 Jeep Liberty that sits outside all the time and has been washed with, well, less than perfect technique. And the owner, Mike, fully admits to this, which is a big part of why he was here on Saturday!

After further evaluating the surface it was quite obvious that claying was in order before we started work on those swirls.

This is what we pulled up from about a 1' x 1' area on the hood.

Several of the guys had never used clay before, so they finished off the hood for us.

Then, as per our usual class process, we did a test spot by hand using Ultimate Compound, Ultimate Polish and Ultimate Wax.

We also did a test spot right next to the first, this time using all the same products but the G110v2 DA buffer instead.

Here's what our test spot revealed. No, it isn't perfect, but it's a test spot. What this tells us is that with just a bit more work this paint can be brought back to an extremely high level. When you remove that percentage of the defects in a single pass, you know you're onto something good!

So with that in mind, we let the class attendees try their hand at the G110v2. Since Mike owns the Jeep, we let him go first.

We keep a watchful eye on new users and make sure they paying close attention to pad rotation, pad angle, curves of different body panels, etc.



While buffing on the hood finished up we applied a bit of Ultimate Black to the plastic fender arches to clean them up a bit. Not bad for about 30 seconds effort!

The guys from the Cal Poly Motor Car Association.

Oct 25th, 2011, 07:56 AM
On behalf of the Cal Poly Motor Car Association, a big thanks goes out to Michael and Meguiar's for hosting us on Saturday. These classes are such a wonderful thing Meguiar's does. Every single one of the attending members now wants to keep their car detailed and looking great. And now, they know how! Thanks also for lunch and remaining enthusiastic throughout the class, even though it was a small turnout. We just had our weekly meeting last night and everyone who remained in SLO for the weekend was very jealous of the group who made the trip...

Again, thank you very much for a most memorable experience! We'll keep you posted on the Electric Porsche Project.

Happy Motoring,

Sam Cates
Cal Poly Motor Car Association