View Full Version : How I got waterspots off of my glass!

Dec 27th, 2011, 04:35 AM
Alright fellas, the fiddy had some HORRENDOUS waterspots etched on the glass all the way around the truck. With a little elbow grease and power tools, i haz no more. nothing but shiny spot free glass.


2000-3000 grit automotive sandpaper
Water in a spray bottle
Compound (heavy cut or medium cut)
0000 FINE steel wool
Clean microfiber towel
blue painters tape
DeWalt buffer
Wool cutting pad

put a tape line down the middle of your window to establish a 50/50 line to help see if the product/technique is working for you.

Wet sand the glass with the sandpaper all over.
Then Dry

Now put some compound on your steel wool and go to town on the glass. use your palm to put flat even pressure on the wool. Then use finger tips to get into corners of the window

Once that is done, use microfiber to wipe off compound and check progtess/results.

Put compound on wool pad and go to town on the glass. I used 2400-3000 rpm on the buffer intermittently. wipe product off to see that you are actually removing spots. once glass is done buff to a shine with the microfiber.

Below are the pics:

After wet sand/steel wool and compound


One More pass with wet sand and steel wool and compound


After buffing a few times with the buffer/compound


You are welcome!

Michael Stoops
Jan 3rd, 2012, 10:09 AM
Wow, that was some seriously nasty water spotting! Nice work getting rid of it all, and a great write up as well. We have to ask, though, if the water spots were this heavy and stubborn on the glass, what about the surrounding paint?

Jan 15th, 2012, 01:16 PM
Great results. I detailed an original paint 2003 Chevy truck. Hard water spots on the body and glass. On the glass I used dupont rubbing compound. The brown liquid stuff works with ease. Work by hand (after the glass is clean) with a soft cloth and wipe clean. One easy step with out damaging the glass. The paint was a different story. Heavy cut compound with the red foam pad, light compound with a yellow soft pad, polish with a damp waffle pad, wax with your prefered non-cleaner wax. All Meguires products! The hood needed to be wet sanded before the buffing procedures as the heavy cut would not touch it. When done, the owner was able to read the newspaper in the finish without distortion. Didn't count the hours. It was many but I was not in it for the money, just the satisfaction and the therapy. Owner thought I had repainted the truck.

Feb 27th, 2012, 04:22 AM
Hi will 2000 grit sand paper doing wetsanding scratch the glass?