View Full Version : Very informative Class 101

Mar 26th, 2005, 11:23 PM
Mike, Tim, Shane and Jose -
Thank you for your generosity, organization, professionalism and talents. You were/are the Fab 4 of auto detailing.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the products with us today. I'm looking forward to knowing more, more, more.

Love my goody bag! My best-friend Todd and I are very much looking forward to receiving our orders. Although I ordered several gels, waxes and cleaners; my most coveted items will be my new Super Absorbent Water Magnet and my Chenille Wash Pad. Those two lovely new accessories persuaded me to wash my own Jitney (on occasion).

It was lovely to meet everyone today. Such lovely automobiles owned and well maintained by all! Very impressive.

Patt aka/Bunny