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Apr 12th, 2005, 11:24 AM
Hey guys,
I got my PC7424 and last weekend i detailed my boat using the oxidation kit by Meguiars. Am very happy with the end result this year. In 2 weeks i will be back from vaction and want to detail my 2001 Tahoe using the PC and was wondering what pads, polishes, wax i should use. My paint is in very good condition. I do have 2 or 3 fine scratches. The color is dark grey. What do you guys suggest???? If needed i will post pics.

Tom MacDonald
Apr 13th, 2005, 07:48 AM
Pictures of your truck might be helpful, but let me get you rolling.

1. Use Quik Clay after the Tahoe has been washed. This will remove above surface contaminates from your finish.
2. Use a paint cleaner (Medallion Paint Cleaner, Body Scrub or Step 1 P/C) for the below surface defects (swirls, oxidation, etc.) Yellow pad (w8006) For the couple scratches you have you may need to use ScratchX by hand on them, but try the paint cleaner first.
3. The final step would be protection. Depending on what products you have my recommendation would be to use either NXT Tech Wax or Gold Class Wax. Both of these will deepen the gloss and protect in one step. Tan pad (w9006)

Once you have completed this process you can just use to NXT or Gold Class ever couple months, along with the NXT spray wax in between to keep it looking great.

Hope this helps and send the pictures for me to look at.

May 18th, 2005, 04:21 PM
Tom had a good idea there. You might try what is my favorite one 2 bunch. #83 followed by #80. If you use a light cutting pad chances are you will have some marring or hazing left behind by #83. You can try that for the scrathces. You can use #80 with a polishing pad and that should remove your swirls. I have had great luck with #80 if there are no scratches that need to be touched up. I would reccomend.

--Wash: NXT my fav
--Wash: NXt again my fav
--#83 light cut for scratches if that doesnt cut it then go with a yellow pad
--#80 polishing pad
--any glaze if you want
--any sealent
--any wax/carnauba wax

Remember try the least abrasive product first and with the pc work slowly in 2x2 foot areas.