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Michael Stoops
Apr 15th, 2013, 08:30 AM
Overcast skies didn't stop an enthusiastic group from coming out Saturday - we had a great time with plenty of great questions and lots of interaction.

Following the classroom portion of the day we went outside and selected a demo car for the hands on portion.

We needed to wash the car before we could evaluate and work on it, and Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere was just the ticket.

Once the paint was cleaned of all the loose contaminants we determined that it really needed to be clayed.

With over 100,000 miles on the clock, this Toyota was loaded with swirls, water spots, etch marks, and some really deep scratches that would require sanding to fully remove. Since sanding is beyond the scope of this class, we left those deeper scratches alone.

Our two demo areas consisted of using two different tools - here it's the new DA Power System with the cutting pad and Ultimate Compound to start.

Step two in this process is the polishing pad and Ultimate Polish

Finally, a coat of Ultimate Wax is applied with the finishing pad.

On the other side of the demo area we used UC on the G110v2 dual action polisher.

After following with both UP and UW on separate finishing pads, we pulled the car outside to evaluate the improvement. This color paint, in the poor lighting we had, wouldn't really reveal the improvement to the camera, but in person the difference was striking and everyone present was impressed with the progress made. The G110v2 outperformed the DAPS, as you might expect, but the DAPS would easily out perform hand application on this car, and with far less effort.

Time to let our attendees get to know the buffers, starting with Chris, the car owner.

Two different approaches to defect removal.


Hands on instruction is a big help as new users often struggle to keep the pad flat, maintain proper pressure and arm speed. All of these variables must be executed properly in order to obtain maximum result.

Cleaning the pad "on the fly"

Work continues to bring improvements to the paint, and to get some experience with the tools.

A final coat of wax to finish off the hood and close out the day.

Apr 21st, 2013, 04:57 PM
Thanks for a lovely day! It was really perfect! I wish Meguiars Sweden could host something like this!

And Mike: Thanks for the New Car kit! It did pass the inspection at airport. So now I have some extra goodies for the detailing of my Volvo!