View Full Version : Pictures from September 27, 2014 Saturday Open Class

Michael Stoops
Oct 2nd, 2014, 12:15 PM
Another Saturday, another chance to help car care enthusiasts learn how to do things right and bring back the shine!

This poor truck has some real needs...... it's not just dirty, it's sort of crusty and generally speaking, well...... it's a mess.

Let's wash that surface first, but we'll keep the severe drought conditions in California in mind when doing so. And that means a rinseless wash with D114.

Towel management is critical here, and we're cleaning in a straight line motion.

With half the hood clean you can really see the difference, and we can now feel for the presence of above surface bonded contaminants.

Oh yeah, those contaminants are definitely present. This is from just a one foot square section of the hood.

Teamwork, under the guidance of our man Nick Winn.

Washed and clayed, the swirls and other defects are now even more visible.

Ultimate Compound with a W8207 yellow foam polishing pad on a G110v2 DA buffer.

Nick gives a run down on the DA Microfiber System, how it's used and how it differs from more traditional liquids and pads.

Blowing out the excess product from a fully primed DMC5 microfiber cutting disc.

Out in the sun there's no hiding for those defects - and you can clearly see the improvement with either system on this truck. And that's just after compounding!!

Back in the garage it's time to get the students a bit of hands on experience with the DA buffer (and to finish off the hood of the truck!).

Oct 3rd, 2014, 04:04 PM
I realized just how bad my truck was .. But the results are AMAZING!!
Thank you.