View Full Version : Help! Noob Motorcycle Cleaning Question on What Motion To Polish and Wax?

Jul 3rd, 2015, 12:27 PM
How's it going everybody.

I have started to use a spray, saturate, and dab technique to clean my bike and to apply detailer. I learned from a long time motorcycle owner. I was told this will cut down on unnecessary scratches. I bought some Meguiars Clean & Wax Anywhere, Cleaner Wax, Polish, the Red colored Proectant, and Gold Class Carnuba.

How do I apply these products without doing more than dabbing? I was told chrome should only be touched in one direction.

Please some advice to a dumb 1st time biker owner noob. Also, I garage my bike outside and don't want to use a hose and soap anymore. But don't know how to clean tires, wheels, and around brakes without water and soap.

Thanks in advance!